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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – How to Use Specialist Mode

Specialist focuses on perks as kill rewards.

by William Schwartz


Specialist Mode has returned for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.  By turning on the Specialist Mode in your loadout you are effectively giving away your killstreak rewards in exchange for the opportunity to get more perks.  In this guide we’ll explain more about what specialist mode is and how to use it.

About Specialist Mode

Specialist Mode can be activated on any create-a-class loadout and it will take the place of any killstreak rewards that you have selected.  Instead of the killstreaks that you have selected you can get additional perks instead.  With Specialist mode enabled you can choose any six perks with 3 of them being active from the start and then three more being activated once you’ve gotten at kill levels.  The first perk is activated at 2-kills, the second at 4-kills, and the last at 6-kills.

The Specialist Mode can be a very powerful loadout as having multiple perks can certainly have its benefits.  So how do you activate it?

Specialist can be activated by heading into any of your Custom Loadouts.  Once there head down to the perks menu and then select it to open it as you would to change your perks.  In that menu next to your three selected perks you will the option to “Activate Specialist”.  Press the button on the prompt at that will show you six perks available.  Use the bumpers to tab over and select whichever perks that you want as your kill rewards.

You can also deactivate specialist on your loadout by pressing the button on the prompt again.

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