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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – How to Use Two Field Upgrades

Have multiple special abilities at your fingertips.

by William Schwartz


Field Upgrades are unique items in the new Modern Warfare that you earn throughout the course of a match.  As part of your create a class you are allowed to equip one of these items to use at anytime that you’ve got the item charged up during a match.  But did you know that you can pick two Field Upgrades and choose between one or other as well?  This is known as the Field Upgrade Pro Feature and it unlocks as you progress through the multiplayer ranks.

Field Upgrade Pro allows you to use two field upgrades once you’ve reached Level 45, Master Gunnery Sergeant V.  Once you have reached this level, Field Upgrade Pro will be automatically available to you, but you actually have to activate it to use it.

How to Activate Field Upgrade Pro

To Activate this feature once unlocked you simply need to head into the multiplayer weapons menu and edit your field upgrades.  On the right hand side of the screen you will see a prompt that says “Activate Pro”.  Depending on your platform you simply need to follow that prompt.  It will be the Left Trigger for Xbox and PlayStation.  After you press it you will see that you now have two slots to put field upgrades into.  Simply highlight a second field upgrade and equip it to the second slot to use Field Upgrade Pro

How to Switch Between Field Upgrades in-game

Once you’re in a match your field upgrades will charge as normal.  When they are charged up you will be able to choose between one or the other upgrade.  You will still use the Field Upgrade as normal (By pressing the Left and Right Bumper Buttons) but once you press that you will be presented with a choice for the Left Bumper and a choice for the Right Bumper.  Once you select one or the other your upgrade will charge and you will be able to choose again each time it charges.

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