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Call of Duty WW2 Guide: Headquarters Easter Egg Jumping Puzzle

by William Schwartz


Headquarters is the new social space in Call of Duty WW2 that features a number of different elements for player progression, customization, as well as competitive features like one and one and firing range shootouts.  The Headquarters for Call of Duty WW2 is also littered with Easter Eggs for players to find, and one that we uncovered during our time with the game is a jumping puzzle that allows you to get to the top of the Headquarters main building.

How to complete the Jumping Puzzle in Headquarters

This jumping puzzle begins in the Theater.  As soon as you enter the Theater, head to the left and to the back of the room.  Here you’ll find a wall that can be hopped up on to.  Catching this small ledge is the first step in this puzzle.  Once on the ledge, you’ll need to position your character to make the next leap, which entails catching another ledge to get on top of the wall.

Once on top of the wall you’ll need to head to the right and position yourself on the very edge of the gap between the wall and a stone post.  Make the leap between the wall and the post.  Once on the post, you’ll need to hop across to the crumbled section of the wall where you’ll now be overlooking the Quartermaster.  From here it’s a difficult leap from the crumbled wall to a small pipe that is sticking out of the main Headquarters building.


Try to align yourself a little to left of the pipe before jumping.  Once on the pipe you’ll only have a very small ledge to the right to hop on to.  Carefully transition to the small metal ledge on your right, and then you’ve only got one more easy hop onto more solid ground atop the building.  At this point you should be above Major Howard.  You’ll want to go around the left side of the building, hugging the wall on your right.  This will bring you around to the back of the building.  Keep following the right wall all the way back around to the front of the building where you’ll see a another crumbled section.

Here you have two options to find two different Easter Eggs.  If you head straight into this dark area you’ll find a chalk post that says “Kilroy Was Here” and you’ll also find a Gridiron Ball.  Head back out of this lookout room and head up the broken slabs to the very top of the building.  At the top you’ll have the opportunity to make a leap off of the Headquarters building to snag the Fall Guy Rewards for 15ft, 25ft, and 38ft.   Before you make your leap, you’ll also find an Easter Egg from Sledgehammer Games, a sledgehammer at the very top of the building.

To get all of the achivements, you’ll want to get a running start and leap to the right of the theater where two soldiers are sitting.  If successful you’ll get the achievements.

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