Can You Kill The Hunter in Starfield?

Learn whether or not you can kill the Hunter in Starfield.

by Christian Bognar
Starfield Can You Kill The Hunter
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Towards the end of Starfield, you’ll have the chance to go head to head with the Hunter in The Lodge and through a chase in New Atlantis. The majority of players run in this part and make a safe escape due to the Hunter seemingly being impossible to kill. But is he? This guide will cover if you can kill the Hunter in Starfield.

Is It Possible to Kill The Hunter in Starfield?

Simply put, players can defeat the Hunter in Starfield if they try hard enough but cant actually kill him. Facing him in combat and draining his health enough times, after replenishing, he will eventually retreat to his ship. If you manage to defeat the Hunter and tire him out, you will get a unique dialogue and the Unrestrained Vengeance Lazer Rifle as a reward.

How to Beat The Hunter in Starfield

The best way to win the battle against the Hunter in Starfield is by using a strong melee weapon (preferably a knife) or a weapon that excels in landing headshots. I recommend using a Knife, where you can get up close and personal and continuously stab the Hunter while moving to the left and right. Staying on your toes and bouncing to the side makes it hard for the Hunter to land hits on you while you stab and drain his health.

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It’s a challenging fight, but once you defeat the Hunter, make your way to your ship and lift off into space. When you reach space, you will get a unique dialogue where the Hunter will Hail your ship and mention that he has never been defeated in combat. He will then reward you for your efforts with the powerful Unrestrained Vengeance Lazer Rifle.

So, even though you can’t kill the Hunter, defeating him in combat is possible. It may take a few tries to take him down successfully, but it’s worth the effort for the reward, as the rifle comes with the Hitman Perk, which increases damage by 15%.

- This article was updated on September 20th, 2023

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