Can You Unmask in Payday 3? Doing Heists Without Masking Up

Can players put away their weapon in Payday 3 after taking it out?

by Marc Magrini
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Payday 3 has many heists for players to learn, usually ending in a shootout against hordes of police officers. It’s not impossible to avoid confrontations in these heists, but this option becomes far more difficult after putting on a mask. Upon putting on their mask, heisters will automatically take out their weapons, making them into a deadly threat as soon as they’re seen. Stealth-focused players will likely want to know if they can unmask in Payday 3 — or if completing heists without masking up is even possible.

Is it Possible to Unmask in Payday 3?

Unfortunately, masks cannot be taken off after they’ve been put on. Being able to take your mask off was actually a feature back in the previous games, but only as part of heist-specific events. Currently, no heists in Payday 3 have any similar events, and it’s unknown if future updates will have them added in. If you want to stay as safe as you can be in stealthy situations, avoid putting your mask on for as long as possible.

Doing Heists in Casing Mode Without Masking Up

Despite not being able to unmask, players still have quite a few options for completing heists without pulling out their weapon. Unlike previous entries, Payday 3 allows heisters to perform numerous tasks without having their mask out, from crouching and sprinting to bagging and securing loot. Not every heist can be completed like this, but one like No Rest For The Wicked can be beaten without firing a single shot.

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Players have far more options for how they complete heists thanks to the increased capabilities of casing mode. Those playing solo will be able to avoid an instant loss even if they’re detected by guards, though they’ll be in a bit of trouble if they can’t get their weapon out during more tense encounters. Keep the restrictions on unmasking in mind and balance stealth with gunplay if you want to survive without being detected!

- This article was updated on September 25th, 2023

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