Celeste Update 1.04 Patch Notes

Celeste just got a huge update, adding more features and bug fixes into the game.

by Carlos Hurtado


Update 1.04 has arrived for Celeste, and here’s a list with all the changes and fixes added with this patch. Update 1.04 brought a lot of changes, additions, and fixes into the game. This update is going to make playing the game easier. Now players will be able to bind custom keys for specific movements, something they could not do in previous builds of the game. Here’s everything new Celeste update 1.04.

Celeste Update 1.04 Patch Notes

New Options:

  • Added ‘Screenshake’ setting: 50%, which is now the default
  • Added the ‘Grab Mode’ option, which allows you to use the grab button as a toggle rather than holding it

Control Rebinding:

  • Overhauled the control rebinding system, to allow for much more granular and complete rebinding, including menu inputs and more
  • Added a bind for Advanced: Crouch Dash
  • After a ‘Crouch Dash’ bind is set, a ‘Crouch Dash Mode’ option will appear. ‘Press’ mode crouch dashes when the button is pressed. ‘Hold’ mode crouch dashes when the button is held and a regular dash button is pressed
  • Added binds for Advanced: Directionals for movement- or dashing-only
  • The option to reset all controls to defaults must now be held to confirm
  • Removed the hard-coded Quick Restart shortcut on gamepads (L + R + Start), because it can now conflict with custom rebinds. You can bind a dedicated Quick Restart button to use this feature
  • Control rebinds will be reset to default when you download this update

Pause Buffering:

  • Added 0.1s of input buffering on the Pause input
  • Fixed game timer freezing during unpause (this adds 0.15s IGT to each unpause compared to before)

Physics and Gameplay Changes:

  • Madeline now uses the ducking sprite when crouch dashing
  • Moved the bottom screen kill zone down 4px
  • Fixed a bug where wall jumps from the right side of walls could sometimes not gain the momentum of the wall
  • Fixed MoveBlocks giving inconsistent momentum when moving vertically and being steered horizontally
  • Added a grace period of 0.01s for gaining horizontal boosts off of explosions by holding the direction you will be sent in at the moment of impact. Examples of explosions are bumpers, pufferfish, and respawning seekers. 0.01s is a single frame at 100% game speed, but because explosion impacts freeze the game for 0.1s, this is effectively a 0.1s grace period.
  • Dash corner correction no longer applies if the corner has spikes on top of it
  • Dash jump-thru correction no longer applies if the jump-thru has spikes on top of it
  • Dash correction checks now use the hurt box rather than the physics box
  • Dashes no longer correct below to ground with spikes
  • Fixed squish correction putting Madeline in the ducking state while climbing
  • Increased Madeline’s maximum vertical squish wiggle distance so that all previously-survivable crush scenarios should still be survivable, despite the previous fix
  • Fixed squish correction not applying when pushed by fast-moving blocks

Chapter 9 Level Changes:

  • Added a spike to Singular 11
  • Added cracked tiles and indicators to Power Source Hub
  • Added spikes to Power Source 4th Key
  • Added a spike to Event Horizon 9
  • Restructured Determination 8
  • Shifted spikes and electricity, added a refill in Reconciliation 8

Minor Changes:

  • Made Ch3 Master Suite Oshiro idle conversation skippable
  • Keyboard icons will be used instead of Controller icons if the keyboard was the last device used
  • Reduced High-Resolution art asset sizes, as the game doesn’t draw them at their full resolution. This greatly reduces asset size
  • Removed old Binary save file format from when the game was first released
  • Added some visual hints to the Chapter 4 Heart
  • Updated to the latest version of FNA, introducing FNA3D. This means the FNA version can run DirectX on Windows and Metal on Mac
  • Changed the depth of Chapter 4 white block to be behind Madeline when she enters the room
  • Added ‘–graphics [DRIVER]’ and ‘–disable-lateswaptear’ to FNA command-line arguments, which corresponds with FNA3D_FORCE_DRIVER and FNA3D_DISABLE_LATESWAPTEAR respectively
  • Some minor changes to 3B
  • Small tweaks to 7A flag 11
  • Updated Presented By title card
  • Implemented unused Dash Assist aim SFX

Bug Fixes:

  • File Renaming text now respects Photosensitive Mode
  • Fixed ‘See Theo’ cutscene in Chapter 5 repeating if you leave and re-enter the room
  • Fixed PICO-8 Celeste update-loop inconsistency from the original PICO-8 version
  • Fixed the bird in Farewell flinging you a slightly inconsistent distance after a respawn
  • Fixed XNA crash when moving the game window between monitors
  • Fixed player depth not resetting in Chapter 9 fake heart if you skip at the right time
  • Fixed weird bug in temple ending if you run into the eyeball while holding Theo
  • Fixed Up/Down input repeating bug, where certain applications would cause Celeste to think up/down was constantly being pressed
  • Fixed a few small respawn facing the wrong direction in Ch5 and Ch9
  • Fixed the Chapter Select card graphic being slightly misaligned
  • Fixed Button / Keyboard config menus freezing if opened during the Dash Tutorial in the Prologue
  • Fixed Various PICO-8 Celeste emulation bugs (thanks gonengazit for the detailed notes)
  • Fixed a crash if the Lookout spawns inside an Exit Block
  • Fixed a few missing filler rooms in Ch5 that you could see during room transitions
  • Fixed issue where jump through platforms would show the wrong edge tile if they spawned inside solids
  • Fixed soft lock-in Ch5 Cutscene if you save Theo with Dash Assist enabled
  • Fixed Credits soft-lock if you have Dash Assist enabled
  • Fixed summit ridge section using resort-style moving wooden platforms
  • Fixed Dream block transition visuals getting stuck if you Skip Cutscene during it
  • Fixed a few small visual errors with decals
  • Fixed threading error with the File Slot graphic which stopped them from becoming visible in rare instances

This update was not only about additions and changes. The developers managed to fix many problems. They fixed some unexpected crashes, some small visual errors, input errors, misalign elements, and more. Players are going to appreciate this update after it is implemented; many problems and quality of life changes were made, so Celeste should play a lot better after this patch.

Celeste is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series S/X. For more information regarding this update go to the official Celeste website.

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