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COD Mobile – How to Level Up Fast

Level up fast in Call of Duty Mobile.

by William Schwartz


Leveling up in COD Mobile has its benefits.  The faster that you move through the ranks the more quickly you’ll be able to unlock powerful weapons and items in your loadout.  There are many things that factor into leveling fast in COD Mobile so if you’re new to the game make sure you take these factors into account when you’re picking a game mode when playing the game.  The factors below are the ones you’ll want to focus on to make sure that you level up as fast as possible in Call of Duty Mobile.

Fastest Ways to Level Up in Call of Duty Mobile

Use Weapons Skins with Extra XP Buff

One of the best ways you can earn extra XP on every round of Call of Duty Mobile that you play is to have a weapon that has an XP boost attached to it.  These weapons can be purchased in the shop and will increase your XP after every match.  Alongside the standard progression that you’ll get from things like time played, kills, and whether you’ve won or not this is one the ways you can increase your points earned each and every match win or lose.

Play With a Clan

Playing with a clan will also earn you extra XP after every match.  You don’t need to be in a big clan to earn some extra points.  Simply create a clan for yourself and either invite friends to it or open it to anyone to join.  You’ll start earning extra XP after every match for clan rewards.

Winning Will Earn you More XP

Of course if you win the game you will get more XP than if you lose it.  So you’re going to want to try and help out your team as much as possible.  Whether that’s playing as a good teammate in TDM or S&D or trying to score the objective and not just go for kills in Domination.  Winning makes a big difference to the bottom line when it comes to XP earned after each COD Mobile match.

The longer a game lasts the more XP you will earn 

The more time you spend playing the game the more XP you will earn.  It’s takes after the Black Ops 4 system of progression which rewards you with more XP for the more time you spend.  If you play a long game you will get more points, a shorter game will get less.  So this will factor into which types of game modes you want to play.  Domination can typically be a longer match, as will the Battle Royale mode.  The major caveat to picking Domination over Battle Royale is that you can really stack up kills in that mode.

Kills are the biggest XP source

Going for kills is going to be huge source of XP.  If you’re playing passively and not getting many kills, you’re not going to max out the amount of XP you can earn each match in COD Mobile.

Picking the right mode for you

With all of the above information you’re going to want to play the game mode where you can get the most kills and spend the most time.  This is Domination from what we’ve seen.  You can make a case for other modes if those are what you prefer, but Domination allows for longer drawn out matches where you can get a ton of kills in the process. Since kills and time are big components of the overall XP Domination is the way to go when it comes to standard modes.  Battle Royale, on the other hand, will also give you a ton of XP.  However, much of that is going to come down to the time spent in the mode.

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