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COD Mobile How to Play on PC with Mouse and Keyboard

by William Schwartz


So you like Call of Duty Mobile, just not the mobile part of it and the touch screen controls, huh?  It turns out that you can play Call of Duty Mobile online with the help of a work around that emulates the game on your PC so that you can COD Mobile with Mouse and Keyboard controls.  The guide below will explain exactly what you need to do to use a mouse and keyboard and play COD Mobile on PC.

How to Play Call of Duty Mobile on PC

Step 1 – Download and Install Game Loop

Step 2 – Start the Game Loop Program and Install Call of Duty Mobile

Step 3 – Start the COD Mobile within Game Loop Emulator

Step 4 – Login with your account or play as a Guest

The Set-up process for COD Mobile on PC is pretty straight forward and takes just a few clicks and a few minutes to complete.  Other than downloading the two pieces of software to your PC there isn’t much else that is necessary to do this.  Once you’ve got the game installed and up and running you can tailor the controls to your liking, but these will be the defaults out of the gate.

COD Mobile PC Controls

WASD – Move

Left Click – Fire/Deploy Shield/Pitch Up

Right Click – Aim/Cancel Bow Drawn/Pitch Down

Space – Jump

C – Crouch/Dive/Hold to go Prone/Slide (While Running)

Shift – Sprint

Numbers – Killstreaks

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