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COD: Modern Warfare – Tomogunchi Turbo Guide

Level up your digital pet to unlock unique charms.

by Diego Perez


A new watch called the Tomogunchi Turbo hit the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare store today, and it comes with several unlockable charms that can be earned by completing various challenges. The original Tomogunchi watch released a while ago, but the Tomogunchi Turbo is a new and improved version of the watch that features a color screen and new features. The original watch let you care for your very own digital pet, but the Tomogunchi Turbo lets you bring your digital pets with you into battle as unlockable weapon charms.

How to Get the Tomogunchi Turbo Watch

The Tomogunchi Turbo bundle costs 1200 COD Points. It includes the Tomogunchi Turbo watch, 14 unlockable weapon charms, the Professor Gunchi sticker, and three dinosaur-themed emblems. 14 charms is a lot to get with one bundle, but you have to complete various challenges to unlock each charm one by one.


Some of these challenges can only be unlocked with Modern Warfare multiplayer game modes, so you cannot earn every Tomogunchi Turbo weapon charm in Warzone. Some of the challenges can be completed in battle royale, but you will eventually hit a roadblock if you do not own Modern Warfare. If you’re a free-to-play Warzone player, you’ll have to wait for a free multiplayer weekend to grind out the challenges you’re missing.

Tomogunchi Turbo Weapon Charm Unlock Challenges

There are 14 total Tomogunchi charms to unlock using the Tomogunchi Turbo watch, and each charm is locked behind a certain challenge. These challenges must be completed in order, and they ramp up in difficulty as you complete more and more of them. You can see your current challenge by viewing the watch in the Watch Select menu. These are all of the Tomogunchi Turbo weapon charm challenges.

  • Get 3 kills
  • Get 10 kills
  • Use 5 killstreaks or earn all 3 killstreaks in one life
  • Win a 2v2 match as top scorer
  • Crouch rapidly (teabag) over 5 players after you’ve killed them
  • Get 20 kills
  • Get 5 vehicle kills
  • Get 3 executions
  • Call in a Juggernaut
  • Punch a vehicle 10 times before it explodes
  • Get 5 throwing knife kills
  • Hold $500,000 in plunder for 3 minutes
  • Get top three in a battle royale match
  • Obtain a nuke


There are 14 charms to unlock in total, and the difficulty of the challenges increases as you unlock more of them. If your Tomogunchi pet dies, you have to start over from the first challenge. You must keep your Tomogunchi pet alive in order to progress through every challenge. Some of the challenges are very difficult, and the final challenge of calling in a nuke will prevent most players from obtaining every Tomogunchi Turbo charm. However, the most dedicated Modern Warfare players now have a new milestone to work toward.

- This article was updated on:August 18th, 2020

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