COD Warzone & DMZ Operation Nightmare: All Haunting Boss Locations

Ghoulies, demons, and aliens are your HVTs for this spooky Halloween event!

by J.R. Waugh
COD Warzone DMZ Haunting Boss Locations Operation Nightmare
Image: Activision / Blizzard

Operation Nightmare is afoot in Call of Duty: Warzone & DMZ! The game is letting players enter the Spooky Season in style, 2 weeks before Halloween with a new set of challenges: scary, ghoulish, or outright weird enemies. The boss enemies include guest appearances like the Butcher from Diablo but quickly go to a stranger and scarier places. Some are pretty easy to encounter, while others take a bit of searching and collecting. Here are all the Haunting boss locations in COD Warzone & DMZ Operation Nightmare!

COD Warzone & DMZ Operation Nightmare: Where Are the Haunting Boss Locations in Al Mazrah?

Start in Battle Royale or DMZ to join Operation Nightmare, where you can find the boss locations in COD Warzone in the following spots in the Al Mazrah Tac-Map:

BossLocationHow to Summon
The ButcherZarqwa Hydroelectric
Al Mazrah City
Zaya Observatory
Al Samman Cemetery
Activate Altars of Lilith to open a portal and fight Butcher
Swamp CreatureMawizeh MarshlandsSearch the swamp and open egg pods to find the Tiara to summon and defeat Swamp Creature
The PharaohThe Oasis, NorthwestSecure the Skulls and place them in the Sarcophagus to awaken and defeat the Pharaoh
UFOSoutheast of Sawah VillageDestroy the anomalies and a UFO will appear in this area
Ghost TrainAlong railroad tracks around the mapRaid the Ghost Train, it’s a fleshy train on fire visible on the Tac-Map, collect keys and survive

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  • COD-Warzone-DMZ-Haunting-Boss-Locations-Operation-Nightmare-Butcher-Lilith-Altars-2
  • COD-Warzone-DMZ-Haunting-Boss-Locations-Operation-Nightmare-Butcher-Lilith-Altars-1
  • COD-Warzone-Haunting-Boss-Locations-Swamp-Creature
  • COD-Warzone-DMZ-Haunting-Boss-Locations-Operation-Nightmare-Pharaoh-1
  • COD-Warzone-DMZ-Haunting-Boss-Locations-Operation-Nightmare-UFO
  • COD-Warzone-DMZ-Haunting-Boss-Locations-Operation-Nightmare-Ghost-Train

Most of these are easy to spot in the Tac-Map. They will each have corresponding icons when you get near, with the Swamp Creatures and Butcher icons being especially visible. With Lilith in particular, I had an especially easy time spotting the Altar if it was in use because the red pillars of light that formed during its rituals pierced the skies.

Where Are the Evil Spirits in Operation Nightmare?

Ghost Train, Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Additionally, the Evil Spirits, while not a boss, manifest in the jump scares you encounter while looting boxes, and they appear in the following spots:

  • Al-Safwa Quarry
  • Al Mazrah City
  • Al Bagra Fortress
  • Al Malik Airport

Complete 5 of the 6 encounters and you’ll get the BAS-P SMG variant, “Bloody Mess.” Happy Haunting!

- This article was updated on October 17th, 2023

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