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Code Vein: How to Access Depths, Get New Maps

Search every nook and cranny for these maps.

by William Schwartz


The Depths in Code Vein are a series of dungeons that you can play through that offer you rewards outside of the normal content you will find in the story.  To access the depths you will need to first make it to the Home Base hub.

There you will meet an NPC that gives you access to the depths.  However, to actually go to the Depths and take on the challenges of these areas, you need to find maps throughout the course of the story.  There are numerous depths locations to unlock and completing them will give you unique rewards like Haze or other items and power-ups.

Depths Map Locations

  • Ruined City Underground – Den of Dead
  • Outer Crossroads – Den of Darkness
  • Dried up Trenches – Town of Sacrifice
  • Cave (Following Goddess Statue Activation) – Flood of Impurity
  • Crypt Spire – Misty Ruins
  • After Queen Revenant Reborn Boss Fight – Zero District
  • Provisional Government Center – Void District

You can access the Depths at any time and replay any map that you’ve found over and over again.  Simply fast travel back to the Home Base and then speak with Davis.  He’s the guy in the white armor standing next to the motorcycle.  Talk with him and the select Head to the Depths.  All of the Depths areas that you have unlocked will be listed there and show you if you’ve completed them or not and what items can be found there as rewards.

The early Depths maps you find are quite easy, but you’ll find that the ones you get in the latter stages in the game can be quite challenging with replays of different boss encounters.

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