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Code Vein: How to Get Queen’s Steel, Titanium, and Tungsten

All the Queen's Metals will come to you in time.

by William Schwartz


If you want to upgrade your weapons or Blood Veil in Code Vein you’re going to need plenty of metals to do it.  While you’ll start out earning Queen’s Iron on the regular, you’ll quickly find if you want to continue to level up your weapons and armor that you’re going to have to find some new metals.

Queen’s Steel

The first one you’ll encounter is Queen’s Steel.  This metal will be found as you progress deeper into the story.  We found our first Queen’s Steel when we were a level 39 and had reached the end of the Howling Pit area.  After the Howling Pit you’ll head into a new area called the Cathedral of Blood where you’ll start getting Queen’s Steel more often through items found in areas of the level and from enemy drops.  Queen’s Steel can also be found as a reward in the Depth’s area.

Queen’s Titanium

Once we made it to the Crypt’s Spire we were finding a ton of Queen’s Titanium.  It seemingly just started dropping at the tail-end of the Crown of Sand area where you fight a Successor.  Queen’s Titanium can also be earned by heading to the Depths areas, but it will only be found in the higher level Depths areas.

Queen’s Tungsten

We started finding Queen’s Tungsten in the provisional government area of the story.  Queen’s Tungsten can also be found in higher level Depths maps from items that are found on the ground

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