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Code Vein: How to Parry

Learning to parry can get you easy kills and Ichor.

by William Schwartz


Parrying in Code Vein is essential to your success.  Using the Parry effectively will allow you to counter attack your enemies with a devastating blow.  This guide will explain what you need to do to parry in Code Vein.

Parrying works in Code Vein by pressing the Left Trigger in while an enemy is attacking you.  Pressing the Left Trigger to early or too late and you will miss the parry.  You want to try and time it so that your parry happens right when the enemy is about to hit you with an attack.

The type of parry that you do will depend on the Blood Veil that you have equipped.  A successful Parry will perform a unique Blood Veil Drain Attack and trigger a cinematic style animation.  There are a few different types of parry animations, one for each drain attack:  Slash, Drain, and Pierce.

Since the result of a parry is a drain attack, you will gain Ichor for doing a parry.  Ichor allows you to use more gifts in combat.

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