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Code Vein: How to Play Co-op, Play With Friends

Make sure you set your password if you want to play with friends only.

by William Schwartz


In Code Vein there is the option to play cooperatively with friends.  While the game is designed for both solo and multiplayer options, you’ll actually need to call for help during your solo game to play with friends.  To play coop in Code Vein you’ll need to send out a Distress Signal which can be done from the game’s menu.

At any time when you’re playing the game, you can bring up the Distress Signal option by opening your character menu and then selecting the multiplayer tab at the top of the screen.  The Multiplayer Tab is the one with two heads on it (third one from the left).  Once you open this menu you’ll have the ability to Send a Distress Signal or Search for a Distress Signal.

Having a friend join your game

If you want to have someone join your game you will choose the send distress signal option.  There are some different network options that you can set for distress signals.  If you want a specific friend to join your game you’re going to want to use the Matchmaking Password option. To do this change the option from Do Not Set to Set.  Once you’ve set a matchmaking password only players with the same password will be matched together.  Your password can be a combination of letters, numbers, or hyphens and can be up to 8 characters long.

There are other options when setting up your game, which include the profile name you show, area restrictions, and matchmaking region.  If you do not set a password, anyone can join you and you will join anyone’s game if you choose to search for distress signals.

Joining someone else’s game

If you want to join someone else’s game in Code Vein you can search for other’s distress signals.  If you do not have a matchmaking code set, you will join a random game.

So if you want to make sure you play with friends, always have the password entered of the friend you want to join.  Assuming noone is playing with them currently and their game is open, you will be able to join them.

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