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Control: Activate HRA Terminal Punchcard Solution — Old Boys’ Club Mission Guide

Put the cards in the correct computer terminals.

by William Schwartz


In the Old Boys’ Club Mission in Control you will eventually get to a spot where you meet Marshall and are required to solve a puzzle which asks you to restart punchcard terminals and activate the HRA machine.  This guide will explain how to activate the HRA Machine and solve the punchcard puzzle as quickly as possible.

First you’ll need to collect the five different yellow punchcards.  These are pretty easy to find.  You’ll find them in the immediate area of the HRA machine, and upstairs in a separate room as well.  Once you get all five of the cards, you need to put the right one in each numbered terminal.  The numbers of the terminals can be found by looking at the taped shapes on the sides of them.

If you just want a hint, this puzzle can be solved by looking at the white boards that are in this room and the one upstairs.  Each puzzle will give you a hint on where each card goes.  If you want the quick solution you can find it below:


Once you have the puzzle solved you will be able to access the machine in the middle of the room.  Once complete, you will be able to reactivate the HRA Machine and complete the mission.

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