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Control: All Clearance Level Cards How to Get Into Locked Security Doors

These security cards will be given through completing missions and finding them.

by William Schwartz


Some of Control is gated by security doors that you need Clearance Level cards to access.  These cards can be found in different spots throughout the game.  This guide will explain where you can get each Security Card in Control to bypass the locked security doors.  There are six different Clearance Levels in Control and you’ll encounter the cards at different spots in the game.  Sometimes it will be obvious that you’ve gotten a card as it is given to you in a conversation with an NPC, but others you’ll need to seek out the cards to use them.

Here’s where you’ll find all Clearance Level Cards in Control

How to Get Clearance Level 1


Clearance Level 1 will be found during the Unknown Caller quest in Control.  This quest will have multiple steps, but once you’ve reached the one where you need to proceed through the Communications department you’ll need to find Clearance Card 1 on the body of an FBC Agent.

How to Get Clearance Level 2


Clearance Card 2 will be given to you by the janitor once you make it to the Maintenance Sector.  Your first objective will be to find your way into the area, then you’ll head to the Janitor’s office.  After a brief conversation he will give you Clearance Card #2.

How to Get Clearance Level 3


Clearance Card 3 will be awarded to you following a conversation with an NPC.  Once you’ve progressed through the maintenance sector and lifted the lockdown in this area you will need to head back to the Board Room to speak with Pope.  During the conversation Pope will give you the Clearance Level 3 which will let you open a bunch of different doors and progress further into the game.

How to Get Clearance Level 4


The Punchcard Puzzle that you encounter in the Research Section of the Oldest House will introduce to a new NPC in Marshall.  To get Clearance Card 4 you will simply need to complete the mission and then talk with Marshall.  Like a couple of the other cards, this one will be given to you during the course of the story.

How to Get Clearance Level 5


Once you’ve head into the Black Rock Lab you will seeking out Darling’s Lab in the Maintenance Section of the map.  Once you’ve found Darling’s Lab you will find the Clearance Level 5 keycard on a desk in the office.

How to Get Clearance Level 6


Clearance Level 6 will be given to you once you’ve spoken with Dylan for the first time.  After the conversation you will receive Clearance Level 6 which will then give you access to all areas of the map.

And that’s all of the Security Clearance Level Cards and where you’ll get them in Control.  Once you have the cards there are many different areas of the map to explore.  Behind these locked doors you’ll find upgrade items, as well as access to areas with side-quests and more.

- This article was updated on:August 27th, 2019

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