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Control: Is There New Game Plus?

There is no new game +, but that doesn't mean it's over.

by William Schwartz


One of the things you may be wondering as you start exploring the world of Control is whether or not you’ll be able to continue the game after you complete the main story.  Control does not have a traditional new game plus.

If you start a new game in Control you will lose all of your progress

If you try to start a new game after you’ve beaten Control you will be warned that all of your previous progress will be lost.  But, after you do see the credits roll you will realize that there is still plenty of things to do in the game without starting over.

Once you’ve embraced the role of the Director you can continue to fight the Hiss during agency mission, you can still track down and complete any side missions that you didn’t complete prior to beating the game, and you can still complete Board Countermeasures and Agency Missions as well.

While there is no New Game Plus in Control, the game isn’t entirely over once you’ve completed it.  But, you cannot start over from the beginning with the powers and upgrades that you’ve accrued in a previous playthrough.

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