Craftopia Update 1239 Patch Notes

This Craftopia update brought a lot of bug fixes into the game.

by Carlos Hurtado


Update 1239 has arrived for Craftopia, and here’s a list with all the changes and fixes added with this patch. Craftopia is what at first glance you would call a Breath of the Wild copy, but many players found it to be otherwise. This open-world title mixes a lot of mechanics and features found in other genres. Players will be able to explore, hunt, gather food, and even join other players in their adventures. Here’s everything new with Craftopia update 1239.

Craftopia Update 1239 Patch Notes

  • Fixed the bug related to “Equipment Gacha Ball” and “Material Gacha Ball”.
  • Fixed the bug that the position of equipment on your right hand was mispositioned while equipped with an armor of Hakama series.
  • Fixed the bug that the letters on Billboard weren’t displayed in the input UI when you accessed Billboard.
  • Fixed the bug that some modules such as “Wall-mounted Billboard” were rotated by 180 degrees by default.
  • Fixed the bug that the hitbox for retrieving “Short Stone Pillar” was mispositioned while using Retrieving Rod.
  • Fixed the bug that random visual effects were shown when you used the skill “Vorpal Dance”.
  • Fixed the bug that you couldn’t move properly when you wore Hakama series equipment with the newly added body color.
  • Reduced the bug that a player got stuck under some circumstances, and fixed the bug that you could climb to cliffs.
  • Fixed the bug that a player character slightly stepped backward when you started walking while crouching.
  • Fixed the bug that the boss BGM wasn’t played when you were close to “Worm”.
  • Fixed the bug that you couldn’t push a snowball easily.
  • Fixed the bug that the time limit of “Slip and Trip Trial” was unexpectedly shorter in high-level islands. Changed the name of the trial to “Shooting Trial: Slipping” as well.
  • Fixed the bug that the timer of “Shooting Trial: Slipping” didn’t stop when you finished the trial.
  • Fixed the bug that the visual effect of the skill “Leaping Strike” wouldn’t stop when you canceled the skill or were interrupted.
  • Fixed the bug that the keyboard inputs affected the control of vehicles while riding on a vehicle.
  • Fixed the bug that you couldn’t use the items and the skills registered onto hotkeys while using Drone for Shooting.
  • Fixed the bug that the progression of offering items in other categories in Picture Book was miscalculated.

This Craftopia update brings a lot of fixes into the game. The game used to have bugs regarding visual effects, player movement, UI, and more. Luckily, all this has been fixed. Now players will be able to enjoy the game at its full potential.

Craftopia is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X. For more information regarding this update, go to the official Craftopia Steam page.

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