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Cruis’n Blast: How to Level Up Cars Fast

Supercharge your rides to the fastest potential!

by Elliott Gatica


In Cruis’n Blast, all cars/vehicles have individual levels. These levels allow for further customization for your rides like neon underglows and trimmings for your rims, decals, body kits, and engine.

While all of the above are technically labeled as upgrades in the game, they are mostly cosmetic. However, when you level up a vehicle, their overall stats increase, too. Leveling up a particular ride to their highest potential can give you an easier time to race through all the cup tours in the Cruis’n Tour mode. Here is a technique to level up your ride quickly to get an edge over your competition.

How to level up your rides in Cruis’n Blast

In this game, you can earn experience points by racing. Coming in a higher place nets you more per race. The maximum you can get per race is 1,000 XP, but only if you get first place. The length of the track doesn’t matter nor does the difficulty you set matter.


The fastest way I have been able to level up my favorite vehicles is by unlocking the UFO Tour cup. Once you have unlocked it via the Cruis’n Tour mode, head on over to the Single Race mode. Pick the third track, British Invasion. Play this on the Easy difficulty and just repeat the race until you hit level 5 with your vehicle.

The reason why I chose British Invasion is because it’s one of the shortest tracks in the game. My personal best time on it sits at 43 seconds. If you’re constantly getting first place on this track, too, those 1k XP bonuses will stack up in no time.

Alternatively, you can just pick any other cup tour and race in the third level. In Cruis’n Blast, each third race is the shortest of the bunch. You should always finish these tracks in under a minute.

You can also just play the game normally and have the XP rack up on its own naturally, but these later difficulties are no joke. The CPUs tend to rubber band and literally give you no room to mess up when you’re up there in the top ranks.

Cruis’n Blast is out now for the Nintendo Switch. You can read our review of the game here along with any guides by clicking here.

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