Cyberpunk 2077 Netrunner Skill Leveling Guide

Hack the planet.

by Diego Perez
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Cyberpunk 2077‘s progression system has been entirely rebuilt from the ground up in the version 2.0 update, and now there are passive skills that you can level up while you play the game. Instead of investing perk or attribute points into these skill lines, you level them up by sticking to certain playstyles and defeating enemies with specific weapons and gear during combat. You’ll most likely level up your favorite passive skills as you play the game since they correspond to your chosen playstyle, but if you’re trying to power level skills like Netrunner, here’s what you need to know.

How to Level Up the Netrunner Skill in Cyberpunk 2077

The Netrunner skill is centered around all things tech in Cyberpunk 2077. This mostly involves hacking and netrunning, so make sure you’re using quickhacks as often as possible during combat. Even if you’re defeating enemies with standard weaponry, deploying quickhacks on an enemy before killing them will earn you Netrunner XP.

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In addition, you can also use smart weapons to gain Netrunner XP. These weapons will automatically lock onto targets as long as you have the right cyberware equipped in your hands. Since the version 2.0 update of Cyberpunk 2077 also completely revamped the cyberware system, it might be a good idea to visit a ripperdoc to ensure that you’ve got the right chrome installed to make full use of these weapons.

All Netrunner Bonuses and Perks

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Because the Netrunner skill line is focused on hacking, you’re going to get plenty of upgrades to your cyberdeck and RAM capacity as you level it up. You’ll get a new addition every 5 levels in the Netrunner skill line, and some of these milestones reward you with perk points that you can spend on the main ability tree. We recommend using those perk points on the Intelligence or Technical Ability skill trees to maximize your potential with netrunning hacks and smart weaponry respectively.

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You’ll also get huge upgrades to smart weapons as you progress through the Netrunner skill line, with boosts to lock-on range and damage with any and all smart guns. At the final level, the Overclock ability will be greatly enhanced to mark all enemies in the vicinity and boost your quickhack capabilities by a significant margin.

If you want to power level the Netrunning skill as fast as possible, just deploy at least one quickhack on every enemy before you kill them. Invest in a cyberdeck with a high RAM capacity so you don’t run out during firefights. Pair this with a smart weapon like Skippy or the D5 Sidewinder for additional XP gains.

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