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Dark Souls 3 Guide: How to Respec Your Character

by Kyle Hanson


Building a character is one of the most important and fun elements in Dark Souls 3. Starting out with a fairly basic character class, you can branch out into almost any direction, crafting an experience that is wholly your own. Along the way, you will put points into the many stats of your Dark Souls 3 character, setting up how they will fight, and how the game will react to you. Of course, sometimes you mess things up. Sometimes you go down a path, only to realize that it was totally wrong for you. Thankfully, there is a way to fix this, so here’s our guide on how to respec your character in Dark Souls 3.

Basically, respecing a character means resetting everything back to zero, but still retaining the levels that you’ve added up along the way. This means you can respec them, putting them into whatever stat you want. This allows you to take a very powerful character and recreate them in a way, not losing any levels or stats, but totally reshaping how they play in Dark Souls 3. So, how do you do this?

You’ll need to be pretty far into the game, as the area where you can respec your character is in the Cathedral of the Deep. If you haven’t gotten there yet, just keep playing and you’ll hit it soon. Once there, you need to find Rosaria’s Bed Chamber. There is a bonfire in here, so if you discovered it before, you can just fast travel back there. If you haven’t found it, you’ll need to fully explore this area, as it is a bit tough to find.

Essentially, Rosaria’s Bed Chamber is on the second level in the massive room that houses two giants. To get here you have to do a bit of exploration and gymnastics. If you search around on the bottom floor there is an elevator off in a side passage. Take it up to the top of a tower then climb the ladder, roll off onto a sloped roof nearby, then continue down this path, fighting off enemies. Eventually this will lead you to the ceiling area of the cathedral. In the Northern side, past the knights, you should see a ledge that you can roll to. Fight or avoid the knights (with such little room for combat, avoiding is definitely preferred if at all possible), then roll onto this. Continue down this new path and you’ll reach Rosaria’s Bed Chamber.

Unfortunately, to respec in Dark Souls 3 isn’t as simple as flipping a switch. You actually need a special item called the Pale Tongue in order to do it. If you’ve been thoroughly exploring your surroundings you should have some already (such as the one that is next to the giant below you in the cathedral), but if you haven’t, you’ll need to do some fighting. Pale Tongues are a multiplayer item that is attained by defeating a player in their world. You’ll have to invade another player and kill them if you need to get more pale tongues for respecing.

If you do already have one then you just need to speak to Rosaria and choose “Reallocate Attributes”. You can only respec five times in Dark Souls 3, each time requiring five pale tongues to do it. If you’re sure that now is the time to respec then go ahead and choose yes. The game will then put you into the level up screen, with your character reset to their base stats. You can then improve as many times as you have already leveled up, putting the stats wherever you want.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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