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Daymare: 1998 How to Turn the Power On (First Puzzle)

Before the horror begins, you have to turn on the lights.

by Kyle Hanson


Daymare: 1998 draws a ton of its inspiration from games like Resident Evil, where players are exploring a large map that is locked off with puzzles. Some of the puzzles are easy, just flipping a switch here or there. Others are nearly impossible. But thankfully we’re here to help out, showing you how to move past these tougher challenges and make it to the end. And to start off, here’s a guide on the first puzzle in the game. Here’s how to turn the power on in Daymare: 1998.

How to Turn the Power On

You’ll encounter this puzzle pretty quickly after starting up Daymare: 1998. It comes up right in the first mission, after killing the witness and moving through the main building of the platform. The power is off and you need to get it back on to proceed, but you can’t just flip a switch. Instead you have to flip a lot of switches. Of course they have to be specific ones though. Which ones? Easy…just look at the pic above.

That’s the solution to the first puzzle in Daymare: 1998. You need to flip the switches so that only Cargo Area, Submarine Shaft, Lab Area, Control Room, Reception/Hall, Server Room, and Security Room are lit green. The rest should be red. Once you have this sequence entered you can pull the main lever and get the power running again.

How were you supposed to know this? The answer is actually right next to the puzzle, on the computer screen nearby. There it shows the initials of each switch that you’re supposed to change to green. Follow that or my guide here and you’ll know how to turn the power on in Daymare: 1998. There’s more puzzles to come though, so check back for more help if you need it, and stay safe.

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