Dead by Daylight: 10 Horror Crossovers That Would Make Great Killers and Survivors

Who will you be up against now?

by J.T. Isenhour
Dead by Daylight

Dead By Daylight is not shy to crossover events, be it a full DLC with a new killer and new survivors or simple skins that are a reference to other horror content. When Dead By Daylight had its first crossover, fans didn’t really know just how far this would go. Would the crossover with another franchise be a one-time thing or would this be a common occurrence, flash forward to now and we have our answer. With so many new crossover killers in the game it makes fans wonder what killer could be next, here’s a list of 10 killers that would be interesting to see make an appearance in the mists of Dead By Daylight.

10 Killers That Would Be Interesting To See In A Dead By Daylight Crossover



If you have a fear of clowns then Pennywise is your worst nightmare. The notable monster from Stephan King’s IT would make a great addition to the roster of killers available to hunt you and your friends down. Add some sort of fear value for the survivors to accumulate while they are alone and the more fear a survivor has the stronger Pennywise gets. The only question left is which of the grown-up kids should be added alongside the infamous clown.

The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers


Another Nightmare-inducing killer, the Creeper would be quite the foe if added to Dead By Daylight. Its powers in the movies span from the ability to regenerate any lost body parts by eating that part from someone else to flight and throwing flesh shurikens. Whatever the power that The Creeper would end up with in Dead By Daylight, it would still be quite a horrifying sight to see chase you in-game. For a matching survivor, it would be interesting to see the farmer or his son that took down The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers 2.



While this is not a blockbuster killer, Slenderman has quite a following, and what could be more terrifying than seeing Slenderman in the mists? For its power, the seven pages would need to be incorporated and could work similarly to Pinhead’s box with the killer getting a notification every time a survivor grabs a page. The only issue is that Slenderman doesn’t really have anyone that is well-known enough to be a survivor.

Sam from Trick ‘r Treat


This small child-like creature is the upholder of classic Haloween traditions. In a previous event, Dead By Daylight has had pumpkins for survivors to light and killers to squish so why not bring that back for the power of Sam, having survivors have to light the pumpkins to weaken Sam and the killer having to extinguish them to fuel Sams anger. While there isn’t really an option for a character to be made into a survivor, all of the current survivors could receive some nice Haloween-themed outfits to wear.



This foul-mouthed doll has terrorized a generator and it’s time for him to come back. Having a killer the size of Victor would make him hard to loop, so Chucky might have to be made a bit taller to work well with the game. Chucky’s power is also something that will require a little bit of creativity since he doesn’t really have any powers across any of the movies aside from being a soul trapped in a doll. Maybe giving him some sort of pounce to help him chase after survivors or making survivors bleed if they get cut by him.

The Predator


While Predator already has his own 4v1 game it would still make a great addition to the killer roster. Giving him some sort of tracking ability with the survivors instead of adding yet another ranged attack killer into the game and it is still a well-suited power for the alien race that prides itself on hunting. While it would be great to see Arnold Schwarzenegger in Dead By Daylight, adding a generic military-themed survivor would work as well.

Imhotep from The Mummy


The fact that Dead By Daylight didn’t already have a Mummy-type killer is practically criminal. The closest the game has to a mummy is The Plague and she is more focused on disease rather than a mummy. The power you could have with Imhotep could come from anywhere in Egyptian lore leaving a lot of options on the table. While it doesn’t have to be anyone from the Mummy movies, an explorer-type survivor would really bring the whole theme together for this killer.



While hook-handed killers are a throwaway horror story descriptor, Candyman is a fully fleshed-out ghost story that features a hook-handed apparition. Candyman’s main power seems to be some form of telekinesis which would be interesting to put into Dead By Daylight. Many killers use telekinetic powers to break pallets and generators but having a telekinetic power to use in a chase would be a first for the game.

Strahd von Zarovich


Anyone that has played DnD knows this name well since it is the main villain of the Ravenloft campaign. This dark lord would be the first vampire killer in Dead By Daylight and as such his power should have something to do with the blood of survivors. Some sort of cross between The Oni’s collection mechanic and Michael Myers tier system would work well for him. A random villager could be used for the survivor with perks reminiscent of DnD.

The Alien


If you are even going to consider adding the Predator to Dead By Daylight then The Alien also needs to be on the list as well. Using its spiked tail to break pallets and walls and being able to injure survivors at range with their acidic spit it all just fits so well with Dead By Daylight. Of course, the Mori for the Alien would need to take advantage of either a facehugger or the inner mouth of the Alien. If you are going to add a survivor as well it has to be Ellen Ripley.

Whether any of these killers make it into the game all depends on what kind of deals Behavior Games can strike with the owners of each killer. If you need any more help with Dead By Daylight make sure to check out our other guides.

Dead By Daylight is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, PC, IOS, and Android.