Dead by Daylight Project W Chapter | Release Date, Perks, Killer, Survivors, and Everything We Know

Never seen anything like it, but it's no zombie.

by J.T. Isenhour


Two new survivors and a new killer are about to make their way into the mists of Dead By Daylight. The new DLC named Project W has already gone through the PTB and now players are ready for it to come to live servers. Aside from the new survivors and killer, Project W is also bringing a rework to the RPD map by splitting it into two seperate halves. Let’s go over all the new content coming with Project W and when you can expect it to be live in Dead By Daylight.

The New Killer in Dead By Daylight


The name of Project W hints toward the killer coming to Dead By Daylight. A fan favorite villain in the Resident Evil series, Albert Wesker, or The Mastermind, is the new killer coming to the mists. He brings with him three new perks:

  • Superior Anatomy – When a survivor performs a rushed vault within eight meters of you, this perk activates. Your vaulting speed is increased by 45% the next time you vault a window.
  • Awakened Awareness -While you are carrying a survivor, the aura of all other survivors is revealed to you within 20 meters of you.
  • Terminus – When the Exit Gates are powered, all survivors that are injured, dying, or hooked gain the broken status effect until the gates are opened. Once the gates are opened, the broken effect will linger for 30 seconds.

Of course, no killer would be complete without a killer power and The Mastermind has quite the interesting one. Almost a combination of a Demogorgon Shred and Legion’s vaulting ability, here is Wesker’s power, Virulent Bound:

By pressing and holding your power button you can charge up a bound attack. You move slower while charging and can press the attack button to bound. If you hit a dropped pallet or window with the bound you will vault over it.

  • If you hit a survivor you will inflict them with infection.
  • If you hit a survivor that is already infected, you will increase their infection level.
  • Hitting a survivor and pushing them into any object or wall will cause them to lose their health state. If you don’t hit something you will throw the survivor and if they then hit a wall or object they will lose a health state.

Uroboros Infection:

Once you have infected a survivor with Virulent Bound, the infection will slowly build up over time. once a survivor is fully infected they will suffer from the Hindered Status effect and have their movement speed reduced by 8%. If you grab and slam a survivor that is fully infected, you will automatically begin carrying them.

Survivors can decrease their infection level by using a First Aid Spray which can be found in several supply cases throughout the trial.

New Survivors in Dead By Daylight

Unlike your average DLC for Dead By Daylight, Project W is bringing two new survivors that have their own loadout of perks for each of them. This is similar to the last Resident Evil DLC that added both Leon and Jill. This time around we have Both Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers coming to the game. Let’s go over both of their perks.

Ada Wong Perks


  • Wiretap – After repairing a generator for a total of 33%, this perk activates. Once you repair a generator for three seconds you can use your ability button to install a wiretap on the generator that will be active for 80 seconds. A generator that is wiretapped will have its aura revealed to all survivors. If the killer comes within 14 meters of a wiretapped generator, their aura will be revealed.
  • Reactive Healing – When another survivor losses a health state within 32 meters of you while you are injured, you will gain 35% of your healing progression.
  • Low Profile – Whenever you are the only survivor on the trail this perk activates. You will not leave behind pools of blood or scratch marks and your grunts of pain are suppressed for 90 seconds.

Rebecca Chambers Perks


  • Better than New – Whenever you heal another survivor, they will have their healing, unlocking, cleansing and blessing actions increased by 16% until they take damage.
  • Reassurance – When you are within six meters of a hooked survivor, you can use your ability button to pause their sacrifice progress for 30 seconds.
  • Hyperfocus – Hyperfocus gains a token every time you hit a great skill check. For each token, your skill check trigger odds increase by 2%. The rotation speed of skill checks increases by 4%. The bonus progression for great skill checks is increased by 30%. If you fail a skill check or hit a good skill check, Hyperfocus losses all tokens.

Project W Release Date

Since the Project W DLC has already had its time on the PTB, the release date must be soon. According to the official Dead By Daylight Twitter, we can expect Project W to release on August 30th for Dead By Daylight on all platforms. If you need any more help with Dead By Daylight make sure to check out our other guides.

Dead by Daylight is available now and can be played on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia, PC, IOS, and Android.

- This article was updated on August 29th, 2022

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