Dead Island 2 REDACTED Lost and Found Quest Guide

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by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you seeking the ultimate Dead Island 2 REDACTED Lost and Found quest guide? The Lost and Found quest guides in Dead Island 2 make you investigate the information found in a Journal. The clues will lead you through a specific region and reward you with a powerful weapon for finding the missing item. The REDACTED Lost and Found has some pretty stringent requirements to obtain, but it is one of the more accessible weapons to find in the game.

REDACTED Lost and Found Quest Guide for Dead Island 2

The REDACTED Lost and Found quest takes place in the Venice Beach region. However, you must complete the main story and all side quests to obtain this quest.

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You can start the quest by finding a Journal from a zombie named Lt. Ford. You will find him in the military barracks west of Venice Beach. But, again, you won’t have access to these barracks until you progress the main story and Lt. Ford won’t spawn until you finish all 33 side quests.

The Lost & Found journal says:

  • A [REDACTED] dropped some juicy classified intel. The Venice-based ordered a deadly [REDACTED] that will turn the tide of battle against the [REDACTED]. Follow the paper trail to a kick-ass [REDACTED]!

You will only have one objective for the REDACTED Lost & Found quest:

  • Follow the paper trail to a kick-ass [REDACTED]

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This is one of the easier Lost & Found quests outside of the quest requirement. Head to the Northwest corner of Venice Beach. You must use the sluice gates and head towards the big tower that contains a fast travel map and quest giver.

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Once inside, there will be a shipping container with an electric trap in front of it. Enter that container, destroy the wooden crates that block your path, and you will find the kick-ass [REDACTED] weapon in the back. You now have the Legendary Assault Rifle called “Bodycount.”

- This article was updated on April 21st, 2023

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