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Dead Rising 4 Guide: How To Beat The Final Boss

by Mike Guarino


Dead Rising 4 has a handful of major boss fights for you to deal with, though they mostly follow the same formula when it comes to taking them down. However, the game does switch things up a little bit when it comes to its final boss fight, requiring you to do a little more than usual in order to win this marathon of a battle. This guide will help you win the battle and finish the game in style.

The battle will begin with the boss coming straight at you, so take out a ranged weapon and get a few quick shots in to slow him down. He will quickly throw his guard up, so just do your best to stay away from him for now. The idea is that you need to avoid him long enough for Vick to open up one of the shops for you, which contains an absolutely vital Exo Suit. As soon as the shop opens make a mad dash for the suit, as this is when the fight will truly begin.

With the Exo Suit equipped (and the wireless recharge stations ensuring that it will never run out), it’s time to start pounding away at the boss. Melee attacks will work great, though be aware of his blocks and dodge roll when he gears up for a counter attack. If you can get some distance between the two of you then he will occasionally do long jump attacks at you, which can deal big damage to you and also knock you down. However, if you manage to dodge it then he will be temporarily stuck, which will allow you to get some free shots in.

Eventually the boss will jump out of the fight and start regenerating health, at which point he will send in zombies for you to fend off. Do that and he will then jump back down for you to continue the fight, so use the same strategy as before to deal more damage. Eventually Vick will open up a shop that will allow you to combo with an arcade machine to add the electric power-up to your Exo Suit, so do that as soon as the option becomes available. This will allow you deal a wider area of damage with electrical melee attacks, while also being able to shoot electricity from afar.

At this point it just becomes a battle of endurance, as you’ll have to slowly whittle down his health while occasionally taking out more zombies when he jumps out of the fight. Be sure to keep checking shops as the fight goes on, as you’ll likely run out of healing items at a certain point and will need to restock. Just stick to the plan and you will eventually emerge the victor.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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