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Dead Rising 4 Guide: How To Earn PP Quickly

by Mike Guarino


Dead Rising 4 features a pretty substantial skill tree, with there being 4 categories (5 in multiplayer) for you to make your way through. The keys to unlocking all of the skills that the game has to offer will be through earning PP, which are the game’s experience points. This guide will help you get as much PP as humanly possible, making it much easier to get to the game’s new level cap of 100.

There are a lot of zombies littered throughout the game’s world, and taking every opportunity to take them down will get you lots of PP quickly. If you’re on foot then you’ll want to find a powerful ranged weapon like a machine gun or a powerful melee weapon like a sword and start swinging/shooting. However, the quickest way to earn PP while killing zombies is to head out into the actual Willamette city. Zombies are absolutely everywhere out there and are usually crammed together, so all you have to do is hop in a vehicle and start running them over. You’ll be surprised how much PP you can get from this in such a short amount of time, so do this every chance you get.

While you’re out and about in Willamette you will also be given several opportunities to engage in side quests, which will typically have you rescuing survivors. If you manage to save them then you will usually get a nice PP reward, and it typically isn’t that hard to do. Just get rid of the zombies that are around them quickly enough and then the PP is yours. Other side quests will have you doing things like destroying Obscuris equipment, which will be a little trickier seeing as they will be guarded by Obscuris soldiers. Just make sure you have some strong ranged weapons to take them out from afar, then also to take out the equipment on top of their truck.

Seeing as this game stars Frank West once again, that means that the long-missing camera is back in action. You will be able to snap pics of whatever you want to, but if you take pictures of the right things then you’ll also get lots of PP. The key to this is to take pictures of intense situations, which is typically a horde of zombies in the midst of attacking other humans. However, you can now also take selfies with zombies, which (if timed correctly) will also get you some nice PP bonuses. The key is to look out for these situations before you go in and start slaughtering things, and snap the pics from a safe distance.

Dead Rising 4 will throw PP at you regularly as you complete the game’s campaign, but following the above tips will maximize the rate at which you earn them and will get you deep into the game’s skill tree before long.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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