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Dead Rising 4 Guide: Where To Find All Of Vick’s Cloud Uploads

by Mike Guarino


Dead Rising 4’s Willamette (both the mall and the city) have plenty of collectibles for you to find, though some are more important than others when it comes to really fleshing out the game’s world. One of the more important types of collectibles are easily Vick’s Cloud uploads, which gives a lot of insight from Frank West’s student about what’s really going on underneath the surface. If you’re the type who likes to get as much information on a game’s world as possible (or you’re just a completionist), then this guide will help you find every single one of Vick’s Cloud Uploads.

Vick Log #1: You can’t miss this one, as you will receive it immediately upon completing Case 1.

Vick Log #2: This one will be inside of Willamette Mall. Go to the second floor of the Central Plaza and go inside of McQueen Portrait Studio to find the log.

Vick Log #3: The next one is also inside of Willamette Mall. Go to the military tent outside of Central Plaza on the left, and the log will be inside.

Vick Log #4: Head for Nobleman’s Barber Shop in Old Town and look for a nearby apartment. You can enter it through a back door near Willamette Gazette & Historical Society, with the log itself being inside the apartment’s kitchen.

Vick Log #5: Go to the Brain Dump Store in Old Town and you’ll find the log sitting on the counter.

Vick Log #6: The next log can be found in the Submega restaurant in West Ridge, with the log being in the kitchen.

Vick Log #7: North Peak will be the home of the next one, with the log being on a bed on the second floor of Peaks Motel.

Vick Log #8: The next one is also in North Peak, with this one being inside of an office at Freebird’s Gun Shack.

Vick Log #9: Entering Mountain Ridge Estates in West Ridge will give you this log while progressing the story.

Vick Log #10: The Golden Apple Vineyeards is the home of a mansion, and the next log can be found on the second floor of it.

Vick Log #11: Yet another log can be found in West Ridge, which you’ll get after getting into the secret lab of the Willamette Army Reserve Base in Case 4.

Note: We’re still in the process of completing this guide, so be sure to check back for updates. Better yet, if you’ve discovered something that we haven’t then please let us know in comments below!

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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