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Dead Rising 4 Guide: How To Unlock & Use The Exo Suit

by Mike Guarino


The biggest addition to the Dead Rising formula with the release of Dead Rising 4 is undoubtedly the Exo Suit, which turns Frank West into a walking tank. His strength is increased dramatically and he’ll have an all new Exo-exclusive arsenal of weapons to choose from, which make taking out zombies even more enjoyable. This guide will help you access your first Exo Suit and give you tips on how best to use it.

First of all, in order to get your first Exo Suit you will need to get far enough in the story that you are able to leave Willamette mall. Once you have done that and are out in the open city, the suits will be available to use. You will be able to find them in caches labelled Exo Suit that are usually on the ground, but can also be found in supply crates or other hidden locations. Better yet, once you’ve unlocked them in Willamette city they will also become available to find in Willamette mall.

Now that you have this powerful suit at your disposal, you will be able to deal with just about anything that comes your way without much of a problem. However, there are some things to keep note of when using it. First of all, the suit has a limited battery that will steadily deplete as you use it, and once it’s empty your suit will fall apart. There will be locations in the game with recharge stations that will keep you going without depleting the battery, but these are typically story missions. Make sure you have a plan first before popping on the suit, because you’ll want to do as much damage as possible with the limited time you have.

You will also find that you suddenly have access to new weapons that could not be used before, such as miniguns, flamethrowers, pirate cannons or even that big sword in the stone in the mall. These are all fantastic, but you actually have the ability to use power ups to create even more ridiculous combo weapons to install to your Exo Suit. When you are equipped with the Exo Suit make sure to look out for the combo prompt when near an item, as you’ll likely turn into a devastating zombie destroyer.

That’s about all you need to know when it comes to unlocking and using the Exo Suit in Dead Rising 4, as it’s kept pretty simple to ensure you can get to having fun with it instantly. While killing zombies normally is plenty of fun, if you ever come across an Exo Suit cache then immediately open it up as it’s with the suit where the game truly shines.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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