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Death Stranding Director’s Cut: How to Access the Race Track

The Fragile Circuit race track is a surprising new addition.
Death Stranding Director's Cut Race Track

One of the most unexpected new features in Death Stranding Director’s Cut is the race track where Sam can take on time trials while driving a wide array of vehicles. It’s unlocked quite early in the game, but it’s optional so you can miss it if you’re not paying attention. The race track won’t take up a lot of your time in Death Stranding, but it’s still a fun diversion that most players will want to mess around with for at least a few laps. Here’s how to unlock the race track in Death Stranding: Director’s Cut.

How to Access the Race Track in Death Stranding Director’s Cut

The race track can be unlocked after reaching Chapter 3 of the main story. Once you connect the Q-Pid to the Junk Shop, you will unlock Order No. 35. Accept this order and deliver the prototype to the K4 South Distribution Center. After completing this delivery and leaving the K4 South Distribution Center, you will receive an email from Thomas Sutherland with the subject “Come Roar Around the Racetrack of Your Dreams!”


Once you get this email, you can head over to the race track terminal located south of the Timefall Farm. If you transfer a completed save from the PS4 version, then you can go straight to the race track terminal at any time. You’ll need to donate 650 Chiral Crystals, 2240 Metal, and 1960 Ceramic in order to build the race track.  After bringing the necessary supplies, the race track will open up and you can participate in races any time you like.

The race track does not let you race against other players or AI opponents. Instead, the race track features time trials where you have to try and get the fastest lap time possible. You can drive the Reverse Trike and the Truck that you can take on deliveries, but the race track also allows you to drive an exclusive new vehicle called the Roadster.


Death Stranding Director’s Cut features quite a few new features, including a firing range and new action-packed delivery missions. These new story missions send Sam to an abandoned factory swarming with Mules, and players who wanted more stealth and combat out of Death Stranding will have a great time with these deliveries.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is available now on PS5. Check out our review of the game here.

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