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Death Stranding: How to Restart an Order Mission

You have options depending on which type of Order you are trying to deliver.

by William Schwartz


In Death Stranding there are times where you may want to restart an order mission, outright cancel it, or re-deploy the necessary cargo that you need to complete the mission because it’s been ruined.  In this guide we’ll explain how to do just that with everything you need to know about restarting an order mission or standard order mission in Death Stranding.

Being a porter can be difficult and you’ll need to manage the durability of the packages you are delivering.  If they become too far gone, you’ll need to redeploy the cargo and try again and in effect restart the mission.  To do this, you’ll need to head into the Orders Menu and select the order you need to redeploy.  Highlight the order and press X and the first option that you see will be to redeploy the cargo.

If you want to cancel an order completely, you’ll do it from this screen as well.  Simply tab over from redeploy the cargo to “Cancel Order”.

There are different mission types in Death Stranding and restarting missions doesn’t work the same way for each mission type.  If you’re trying to restart a Standard Order Mission, you will actually need to wait a little while.  If all of the cargo in a Standard Order is destroyed the order is effectively failed.  The only way to restart these types of Orders is to wait until it’s available again as the cargo cannot be redeployed.

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