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Deathloop Crank Wheel Puzzle – Open Safe to Get Purple Fourpounder Hand Cannon

by William Schwartz


In Deathloop one of the mysteries of The Complex location is the safe without any way to open it.  To open the safe in the Complex you’re going to need to the Crank Wheel which can be found on the Complex Level.  In this guide we’ll show you a quick way to get this crank wheel and then take it to the safe room to get yourself a unique weapon.

Crank Wheel Location Deathloop

Where to Use Crank Wheel

Getting the Crank Wheel is fairly easy if you know where to look.  When you enter the Complex you can get to it by two ways, actually.  The first way to get there is by taking a hard left out of the complex entry area and then going to the left across the water by jumping from patch to patch.  The second is just following the path around to the right (as you can see we do in the video above).  Both ways are fairly easy, you’ll just need to make it to this area so you can get the Crank Wheel in the building in the image above.  The building is called The Laboratory Annex and it has some other items in there if you want to clear it out before you proceed.


Once in the building you’ll find the crank sitting on the desk.  From there you can exit the building and go across to the door that has the security out front.  Make sure to use the hackamajig on the security system and enter the building.   This is the Loop Control Center and you’ll find numerous guards inside.  Simply sneak past them and head to the right and then down the stairs.  Once at the bottom of the stairs there will be a door to your right.  Again you will be in the Loop Control Center.  In this room is the safe that you are looking for.  You will find the safe with no wheel to open it.  Use the crank to open the safe and inside you will find a bevy of items.

Where to Get Rare Fourpounder

This includes a rare Four pounder Hand Cannon pistol as well as a Bottle and some Fiz-Pop health restoration items.  Make sure to Infuse the Four Pounder if you want to keep it for future missions.  This can be done by using the Residuum that is found on glowing items in Deathloop.

And that’s everything you need to know to get one of the better weapons in Deathloop by completing the Crank Wheel Puzzle for the safe in The Complex.  For more guides like this one head over to our Deathloop Guides Page.

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