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Deathloop – How to Heal

Keep an eye out for these items to keep your health topped off.

by William Schwartz


Staying alive isn’t easy in Deathloop, you’ll constantly be on the hunt for ways to heal your character. Deathloop’s healing mechanic is one that requires you to find healing items or healing stations. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly what you need to look for to heal your character in Deathloop.

How to Heal in Deathloop

  • Health Stations
  • Fiz-Pop Bottles

There are two ways to heal in Deathloop. Both require you to keep an eye out for things in the environment that you can interact with.

Health Station Healing


The first is a health station. Health Stations can only heal a certain amount of damage at once, but they do refill themselves over time.  Health Stations are white and red with green crosses on them and are quite large. Simply walk up to the Health Station and follow the prompt for your platform. On PlayStation, you simply hold the Square Button to heal in Deathloop.

Fiz-Pop Bottles


When there isn’t a health station around, look for Fiz-Pop Bottles.  Each bottle of Fiz-Pop restores a small amount of health.  Fiz-Pop Bottles can basically be found anywhere and everywhere. Keep your eyes peeled for the small bottles on shelves, on floors, as they are found all over almost every area.  The Fiz-Pop bottles are white and red with a green cross on them, basically they are a smaller version of the Health Station. They can be hard to see in some environments.

Keep an eye out for these items in Deathloop and you should have no problem staying alive.

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