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Deathloop – How to Open The Updaam Gate – Updaam Gate Code Location

Follow this quick guide to open the Updaam Gate.

by William Schwartz


Deathloop is full of gates that require codes and those codes are going to be different for each player.  One of the first locked gates you’ll come across is the Locked Gate in Updaam.  This gate will unlock some easy ways to infiltrate Updaam and it’s pretty easy to unlock so let’s get straight into how to Open the Updaam Gate.

How to Open the Updaam Gate

What you’ll find when you get to this gate is that there is a note attached to the fence that is asking you for help.  The letter addressed to Sparky “Sparky Please” asking to help fix the gate by fixing the circuit overload.  As the note says, “Everytime the phone dials out, the gate opens.”  giving you a clue about how to solve this mystery and get the gate open.

Directly above the gate is a group of phones which can be hacked with the Hackamajig.  Use this on the phones to overload and cause a distraction and this will open the Updaam gate.  Use the video above for exact directions on how to do this.  Getting this is pretty easily done, simply climb up the wall and find your way to the ledge above the code letter.  The phones you need to hack are directly above you.

That’s everything you need to know about the Updaam Gate Code in Deathloop.  For more Deathloop Guides head to our wiki for answers to all your Deathloop questions.

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