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Deathloop Pictogram Locations: Where to Find Fia’s Pictograms in Deathloop

Fia's artwork is the key to accessing the Fristad Rock meeting spot.

by Diego Perez


In order to take down Fia in Deathloop, players will need to find four pictograms in the bunker at Fristad Rock. After finding Charlie and Fia’s meeting spot along the Fristad Shore, Colt discovers that he’ll need to find Fia’s pictograms in order to crack Charlie’s code and get inside the hideout. That way, he can eliminate both Visionaries at the same time. The game only gives cryptic hints for the locations of each Pictogram, so this guide will give more detailed instructions about how to find them. Here’s where you can find all the pictograms in Deathloop.

All Deathloop Pictogram Locations

Just like all the codes and combinations in the game, Deathloop randomizes the pictograms for each player. That means the four pictograms you have to find won’t always be the same as those that someone else has to find. There are a ton of pictograms scattered all across Fia’s bunker, but most of them will be unnecessary for you. Here are all the Deathloop pictogram hints and locations:

  • It enlivens the lockers: Locker room on the second floor
  • It’s beneath the wheeled behemoth: Under a large truck by the bunker entrance
  • It marks Fia’s stage exit: On a door along the painted path on the floor
  • It wants for power: In a locked cage to the right of the bunker entrance
  • It adds color to tools and schema: In the room opposite the “wants for power” pictogram
  • It lubricates the shaft: On the wall of the elevator shaft
  • It’s overshadowed by Fia’s shimmering masterpiece: On the wall behind the reactor
  • It ogles the rear entrance: At the back entrance of the bunker
  • It tends the main hall: On the wall along the painted path on the floor across from a security camera

All of the pictograms will be in the bunker, so you won’t have to go too far to find them all. Also, take care not to alert Fia. If you do, she’ll set off the reactor and destroy the island, which ends your loop no matter how many lives you still have left. It’s recommended to take her and the other Eternalists in the area out first so you can explore without being bothered.

There are a handful of pictograms in Fia’s bunker that surely show up in some people’s objective lists, but we don’t have the hints for them right now. The above list of locations should be enough to get most people through this mission. We’ll update this article once we find more pictogram hints.

Deathloop is available now on PC and PlayStation 5. Check out our review of the game here.

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