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Deathloop Release Time, Pre-Load Details, Install Size, and More

Deathloop: Everything to expect from Arkane Studios ambitious new game.

by Adam Braunstein


Arkane’s Deathloop is incoming fast and looks to be the spiritual successor to Dishonored that everyone has been begging for. The gameplay looks like it’s going to be a mix of old and new ideas and fans of the Dishonored, Prey, and Bioshock series should find a ton to love when Deathloop arrives next week. Deathloop is a first-person shooter that’s peppered with RPG elements and revolves around a dying and reviving mechanic that makes it feel like a stylized version of Groundhog Day.

You’ve got a one-day timer and for each day, you’re going to be tasked with taking out 8 visionaries in order to free yourself from the Deathloop. Figuring this out is part of the fun here and it looks to be a game best experienced to fully understand. You start out completely in the dark about what is going on, so it’s best to start off in the dark as well.  In order to calm our growing appetites, Bethesda has released details on the release time, the storage needed to preload, and the install sizes.


Deathloop PC Release Time

First off, we have the PC release time. On September 12th at 10 AM PDT/1 PM EDT and 6 pm BST, you can begin preloading the game. PC will get the 1 PM slot on Steam and the Bethesda stores. This will give the PC owners a bit of a headstart against console owners who purchase the physical game as the digital version will be available for pre-loading a bit sooner.

Deathloop PS5 Release Time

For the PS5, the launch will be at 12 AM or 9 pm PDT on September 14th. All pre-loads will happen exactly 48 hours before the game releases in your time zone. This works to give you time to load the game at night before getting into the game the next day depending on your time zone. For people who have pre-ordered the game’s physical copy, you will have to wait until the release on September 14th to start playing.


Deathloop File Size

You can expect the file size of Deathloop to be about 30 GB on both your PS5 and PC. These files sizes can vary with updates, day one patches, and DLC, so make sure you have a bit of headroom in your hard drive before starting an install here. As far as next-gen games go, this is a pretty light ask space-wise, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble fitting this one in there.

Deathloop Pre-Order Bonuses

If you pre-ordered the Standard Edition, you’re out of luck in terms of bonuses that come with the game. For those willing to throw a little more cash down on the Deluxe Edition though, you will get a nice little goody bag for your trouble. The deluxe edition comes with the following:

  • Transtar Trencher Weapon
  • Eat The Rich Tribunal Weapon
  • .44 Karat Fourpounder Weapon
  • “Party Crasher” Colt Skin
  • “Sharp Shooter” Julianna Skin
  • Two Trinkers (Equippable Buffs)
  • Original Game Sountrack Selections

Deathloop will be available on September 14th, 2021 for PC and PS5.

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