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Deathloop: Where to Search the Fristad Shore – Charlie and Fia Picture Location

This couple makes themselves really hard to find, don't they?

by Diego Perez


In the Space Invader Visionary Lead in Deathloop, players must search the Fristad Shore to find a secret meeting spot for Fia and Charlie. It turns out the two Visionaries have a secret relationship, and Colt can use this information to his advantage to catch the two of them in the same spot. The only clue that players are given about this meeting spot’s location is a single picture, and this photograph doesn’t give much away. Here’s how to search the Fristad Shore for Charlie and Fia’s meeting spot in Deathloop.

Where to Search the Fristad Shore for Charlie and Fia in Deathloop

The couple’s hiding spot is tucked away in a private corner of Fristad Rock. To reach it, turn right immediately after leaving the tunnels at the beginning of the level. Climb up the cliff and proceed into the area with a bunch of abandoned vehicles. There are mines in this area, so tread carefully.


Make your way down to the shore of this area and you’ll see some sticks poking out of the water on the left-hand side. These indicate a safe walkway, so follow them along the water’s edge. After a short distance, you’ll come across a bunker with the number 09 printed on it, which matches the one in the picture exactly. This is Charlie and Fia’s secret meeting spot.

The door isn’t locked, so you can head right inside. However, Charlie has left an elaborate puzzle that requires a special password to get inside the real hideout. Play the Watching Paint Dry audio log on the table next to the Data Cassettes and read the Order of Operations note next to it to learn your next objective. You’ll have to return to Fristad Rock in the Morning, Afternoon, or Evening to find the cipher and solve the cassette puzzle.

Deathloop is available now on PC and PlayStation 5. Check out our review of the game here.

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