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Deltarune Chapter 2: How to Find the Secret Spamton NEO Boss

Do you have what it takes to be a Big Shot?
Deltarune Chapter 2 Spamton NEO

Just like Jevil in Chapter 1, Deltarune Chapter 2 has a secret boss called Spamton NEO that will put players’ skills to the test. Spamton is a required fight during the main storyline of Chapter 2, but only in his normal form. He is much more powerful (and frightening) in his NEO form, so players should go in expecting an easy fight.

You have to fight him before finishing Chapter 2, so you’ll have to make a new save file if you’ve already gone home with Kris and Susie at the end of the chapter.  Here’s how to find and defeat the secret Spamton NEO boss in Deltarune Chapter 2.

How to Find the Secret Spamton NEO in Deltarune Chapter 2

To access this boss fight, you must have reached the Queen’s Mansion section of Chapter 2. On the first floor of this area, there’s a door that can teleport you to different areas from Chapter 2. Use it to revisit the Trash Zone.


Once you’ve returned to the Trash Zone, head all the way to the left until you reach the end of the road. There’s a hole in the giant fence in the background. Walk inside it to enter a secret area. In this area, you’ll find a door leading into a trash pile. Walk inside to find Spamton’s shop.

Buying the KeyGen

There are quite a few options in Spamton’s store, but all you need to worry about now is “Buy.” You need to buy the item called KeyGen for now. All of the prices in this shop are randomly generated and they can reach some insanely high amounts, so just try to buy things when the price is at its lowest. The price will freeze anytime you try to buy something though, so just keep trying until you get the timing right.


Using the KeyGen

With the KeyGen in hand, select “Escape” to leave Spamton’s shop. Head back to the Mansion and walk up the stairs to the right. Proceed all the way to the right, past all the paintings and pottery. Once you reach the maze-like area with patrolling enemies, continue to head right. Eventually, you’ll come to a busy street with a lot of traffic.

Use the stop switches to safely cross. There’s no way you’ll make it to safety with just one switch, so you’ll have to hit every single one along the way. It can take a few tries, but it’s not that hard. At the end of the path is a switch that sends out mice to block the traffic. Continue to the right at this point.


You’ll find yourself in a room filled with identical statues of the Queen. Go to the far right end of the room where you can find a single gray bowl. Walk up to the blue object next to it and interact with it. This activates a secret switch and opens up a new path leading south. Enter the newly opened room and use the KeyGen on the green gate to get through.

Finding the EmptyDisk

Head downstairs to the B1F level. Susie and Ralsei will not follow you down there, so you’re on your own. Proceed down the ominous narrow path until you reach a save point. The right path is blocked by a laser, so continue left. Dodge the easily avoidable traps and pass through the door. Keep going left until you reach the teacups.


Take the teacups down and head down the hallway to the left. Activate the glowing switch and take the teacups back up. This time, there will be a ton of lasers that can easily kill you. Try to stay in the safe spots and rotate with the lasers. You might die a few times here. Use the shadows to help position yourself.

Once you survive the death elevator, head back to the save point and continue right down the newly-opened path. When you reach the railroad tracks, continue right and go through the door in the top right corner. You’ll reach a spooky hallway. Take the item from the old machine in the far right corner. This is the EmptyDisk that Spamton needs.

Returning the EmptyDisk

With the EmptyDisk in hand, it’s time to head back to Spamton’s shop. Make your way back up to the Mansion and regroup with Susie and Ralsei. There’s a switch in the top left corner of this room that lets you walk straight back to the hub area if you haven’t pressed it already. Take the warp door back to the Trash Zone.


In the Trash Zone, go visit Spamton again. Select “Talking” and then “Give Disk.” He’ll say a bunch of strange stuff, but all you have to do is select the big “Transfer” button when it appears. This will lead to an unsettling blank screen. Wait a minute and then press the confirm/examine button to return to gameplay.

Fighting Spamton NEO

Now that you’ve completed the transfer, it’s time to fight the secret boss. Head back to the Mansion and make your way down into the basement again. It’s a good idea to stock up on healing items like ButJuice at this point. Go back to the same spot where you found the EmptyDisk. If you don’t remember how to get there, just turn right at the save point.


At the old machine, choose to insert the LoadedDisk. Nothing will happen for now. Start heading left toward the exit. Outside, you’ll be ambushed by Spamton NEO. Don’t worry, your party members will rejoin you before the boss battle begins.

How to Beat Spamton NEO

The Spamton NEO boss fight introduces a new mechanic: a yellow Soul form. In this form, the game basically becomes a bullet hell. You can shoot rapid-fire or hold the shoot button for a charged shot. You’ll want to target Spamton NEO’s blue weak spots while avoiding the white attacks like normal.

Spamton NEO has a small number of moves, but they’re all fairly complex. It may take you a few tries to learn his moveset. You can either attack him outright if you don’t mind bloodshed, but pacifist players can select Act and choose to Snap his strings for a peaceful resolution. Either way, you’ll still have to engage with the bullet hell mechanics and last quite a long time.


This is really just a battle of endurance. Spamton NEO has a lot of health, and even the peaceful route still requires more than a dozen turns of combat since each peaceful action only fills up the mercy meter by 7% or so. As long as you bring enough healing items, you should be fine overall. Just take your time to learn his patterns.

Use the charged shot to destroy the bombs when he does his phone call attack. Use the charged shot to push his head back when he crawls toward you with phone hands. Focus on destroying just one part of his face when he does his eyes, nose, and mouth combo attack. The rest is just avoiding the white attacks and shooting the blue parts. It’s an overwhelming fight at first, as expected from a Deltarune secret boss, but it’s definitely doable once you get a feel for his attacks and abilities.

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Deltarune Chapter 2 is available now on PC. The first chapter is also available now, and Chapters 3-5 will be released sometime next year as a paid package.

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