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Demon’s Souls PS5 – How to Jump, How to Vault

It's not quite a jump, but it'll get the job done.

by William Schwartz


If you’re a veteran of the Dark Souls games, but have never played Demon’s Souls you’re going to be instantly looking for the jump button.  After all, jumping was a key movement device in Dark Souls and allowed you to often times get to secret areas or items by utilizing some air time.  This Demon’s Souls guide is going to be a quick one, because there is no jump button in the game.

While Demon’s Souls still has some unique areas to reach utilizing rolls and other movement devices (like the vault over) there is no jump button in the game.  While the other movement systems are similar to Dark Souls, this is one of the major differences between this game and what ultimately became Dark Souls.

How to Vault in Demon’s Souls

Press towards the wall and hold the circle button.

Instead of looking for opportunities to find secrets by jumping, you should focus on rolling or on the vault mechanic which allows you to hop of railings and small walls.  There aren’t any prompts for these walls and railings, you’ll simply need to press the Left Stick forward and press and hold the circle button to perform the vault technique.

- This article was updated on:November 13th, 2020

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