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Demon’s Souls PS5 – Which Starting Gift Should You Pick?

A little help to start your journey.

by Dean James


Demon’s Souls coming to PS5 as a launch title was a very nice surprise when it was revealed only a few months ago and now it is in our hand with the arrival of Sony’s latest console. Due to being a PS3 exclusive that never was ported to any other platforms, Demon’s Souls has been the least accessible Souls game over the years. With it coming to PS5 though, a lot of new people will be playing the game and picking your starting gift is one of the first decisions you will have to make.

Which Starting Gift Should You Pick?

Just after setting your name and picking your class in Demon’s Souls on PS5, your next choice on the list is to pick your starting gift from a list of nine different items. You technically have the choice to pick none as well, but we aren’t even going to go into that one, as that’s only for those looking for the most difficult of playthroughs. To start off, we’ll give a list of the options directly below and then discuss which to pick after.

Augite of Guidance (Quantity: 10, Weight: 1.0) – A stone that radiates a guiding light.
Grass Jelly (Quantity: 2, Weight: 2.0) – Recovers some of user’s HP over time.
Elixir (Quantity: 5, Weight: 1.5) – Temporarily increases the rate of stamina recovery.
Bright Water (Quantity: 3, Weight: 3.0) – Recovers some of the user’s MP over time.
Providential Ring (Quantity: 1, Weight: 0.2) – Raises item discovery.
Kunai (Quantity: 10, Weight: 2.0) – Poison throwing weapon.
Fire Bomb (Quantity: 5, Weight: 1.5) – Oil cask. Produces a large flame when thrown.
Soul Remains (Quantity: 10, Weight: 1.0) – Serves as bait for the soul-starved.
Fire Arrow (Quantity: 10, Weight: 2.0) – Inflict fire damage when equipped with a bow.

To start, you’ll notice that all but one of these items have limited uses, with you being given more than one of them. For that reason, the overall best choice of the bunch here is the Providential Ring, as you can equip it and have it for as long as you want to use it. The rest have limited uses that really take a lot away in comparison. It is also good to get the Providential Ring to help with your item drops as well, just because you may get similar items as to what you would get here by doing that.

That is not to say you can go wrong picking the others, as they have their uses. Fire Bombs and Fire Arrows can be quite useful with the fire damage, while Grass Jelly and Bright Water can help recover HP and MP respectively. The Augite of Guidance can help guide you on your path, but really this game is about exploration and not being told where to go.

Overall, the gift you will probably want to choose is the Providential Ring, as that can be continually used and will help you with enemy item drops right from the get go.

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