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Destiny 2 Alton Dynamo Lumina Quest Location

Look for the hidden ventilation shaft when you get to the main room in Alton Dynamo.

by William Schwartz

Once you’ve started the Lumina Exotic Quest in Destiny 2 you will receive a System Positioning Device that will send you on a quest to find a treasure. This treasure will be in different places for different players, and one of those locations is Alton Dynamo.

This is located on Mar and you’re going to want to start off at the Glacial Drift Landing Zone. From there you’ll head into Dynamo Approach and then into Alton Dynamo. Once inside you will hook a hard right and then a left to get to the main chamber of the area. In this big room you’ll need to find a small ventilation shaft which will lead to small room where the chest is located. Just use the video above to get there the quickest way.


If you’re still having trouble locating the Alton Dynamo Treasure, use the map above. Collecting this treasure will unlock the next step in the Lumina Exotic Quest which will earn you a shiny new Exotic Hand Cannon that’s just been released in Destiny 2.

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