Destiny 2: Best Gambit Weapons

Are you looking for the best Gambit weapons in Destiny 2?

by Gordon Bicker
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Destiny 2 has a diverse array of weapons for you to choose from and when preparing for Gambit those weapon choices can be tricky to make. While some may be more focused on getting the Gambit ornament for Cry Mutiny, others are likely looking for the best weapons to use. This article will take you through the best Gambit weapons in Destiny 2.

All of the Best Weapons to Use for Gambit in Destiny 2

Since you can use every weapon in Gambit it can be tough trying to select your arsenal for bringing into the fray with you. This is why having a table of some of the weapons to bring with you can be highly beneficial.

EyaslunaThis is an incredible hand cannon to have especially because of its effectiveness with Stasis damage. In Gambit it can be a lifesaver for your team during the main phase. Using traits such as Outlaw, Kill Clip, or Headstone will be great choices for Gambit.
Verglas CurveOne of the bows that made its entrance with Destiny 2 Lightfall was Verglas Curve. This is an exotic which will allow you to create large Stasis Crystallizations. You can then damage these and cause AOE damage from it. Needless to say, this can be extremely beneficial for any PVE gameplay in Gambit.
Borrowed TimeA Submachine Gun that will offer you plenty of support in Gambit is Borrowed Time. This is a weapon still loved by many players. Having it in your arsenal for some matches won’t do any harm to your results.
FunnelwebThe Funnelweb is another Submachine Gun that packs a punch in both PvP and PvE but especially for PvP. This is why it is a great complement to the other weapons that you may have with you. When invading Guardians are present, you can easily eliminate them with the Funnelweb.
GjallarhornFor boss phases, the tried and true Gjallarhorn can be a worthy Rocket Launcher to have by your side. This has been true even for defeating bosses in Destiny 1 even though Gambit didn’t exist back then.
Trinity GhoulTrinity Ghoul is another Exotic bow that can be amazing for dealing with enemies on the field. Because of the split arrows, it has immense potential to be used to a powerful extent in any Gambit match.
Sleeper SimulantOf course, no Gambit weapon list could be complete without the Sleeper Simulant. This was originally so powerful in Gambit that it had to be nerfed. Even with the nerf it is still highly effective in Gambit for clearing the boss phase quickly.
Throne CleaverA sword that you may want to consider bringing into Gambit is the Throne Cleaver. When you combine this with the Incandescent perk on the weapon you can unleash a volley of fire down on enemies.
Rufus’s FuryRufus’s Fury is a Root of Nightmares Raid Auto Rifle which is highly effective for Gambit. It will also deal Strand damage to enemies which is one of the rarer elemental types at the moment since Lightfall was released recently.
ThoughtlessIf you are wanting a great Legendary Sniper Rifle to have for long-range kills in Gambit then Thoughless will be a solid choice. This is a perfect all-rounder Legendary Sniper. If you would rather be using an exotic sniper instead in Gambit then Cloudstrike Exotic is an alternative.

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Why Was Sleeper Simulant Nerfed in Gambit?

Sleeper Simulant was nerfed in Gambit because of how highly overpowered it was for the mode. At the end boss phase, it could wipe out an enemy extremely quickly if in use by some Guardians. The nerf helped keep things balanced by reducing the amount of ammo Sleeper Simulant could obtain from Heavy Ammo crates in Gambit.

Now that you know the best Gambit weapons you can get to work with winning those matches. If you’re planning to bring the Verglas Curve with you then it may be worth obtaining its exotic Catalyst. This can be excellent to improve the bow even more — now tear those enemies apart.

- This article was updated on April 11th, 2023

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