How to Get the Verglas Curve Catalyst in Destiny 2 and What It Does

The Season of Defiance bow has a great catalyst.

by Diego Perez
Image showcasing Verglas Curve in Destiny 2.
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Destiny 2 Lightfall is finally here, and while the new expansion is certainly taking the spotlight, there’s also a brand new season of content to go along with it. Season 20, or Season of Defiance, features an Exotic bow called Verglas Curve as part of its season pass. This bow has an Exotic catalyst that dramatically improves its performance, making it a great weapon for clearing groups of enemies. While the bow is fine on its own, you’ll really want to pick up the catalyst quest as soon as possible so you can work on it in the background while playing through the Lightfall campaign.

How to Get the Verglas Curve Exotic Bow in Destiny 2

The Verglas Curve Exotic bow is a season pass reward in Season of Defiance. If you own the season pass, which is included with the purchase of the Lightfall expansion, you’ll get it for free at level 1. If you don’t own the season pass, you’ll have to level up your season pass to reach the bow on the free reward track.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

How to Get the Verglas Curve Catalyst

After you obtain Verglas Curve, you can head to the Tower and speak to Banshee-44 to begin the catalyst quest. The Tower is looking a little different now that Lightfall is upon us, but everyone’s favorite gunsmith can still be found at his usual kiosk.

Nock, Draw, Loose, Quiet Quest Guide

Banshee will give you a quest called Nock, Draw, Loose, Quiet which will reward the Verglas Curve catalyst upon completion. The first step is easy. All you have to do is rapidly defeat 20 targets and defeat an additional 40 targets with Stasis final blows. You don’t need to use the bow for this quest step, but it makes it a lot easier.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Once you’ve knocked the first part of the quest out, you can move on to the main grind. The second part of Nock, Draw, Loose, Quiet requires you to generate calibration data and defeat targets using the Verglas Curve bow. In total, you’ll need to generate 200 calibration data and defeat 450 targets. If you do Nightfalls on high difficulty levels, win Gambit or Crucible matches, or just defeat Guardians in PVP, you’ll earn additional progress.

What Does the Verglas Curve Catalyst Do?

After grinding your way through all those kills with the bow, all that’s left is to return to Banshee and receive the Verglass Curve catalyst. It grants the bow a new perk: Shiver Quiver. This grants the weapon faster draw speed for a short period of time after freezing a target with its Stasis arrows. Ultimately, this will help you generate more stacks of Hail Barrage more quickly, making the bow much more effective at crowd control.

- This article was updated on February 28th, 2023