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Destiny 2 – Bright Future Quest Guide and Leaks

Is this the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning?

by Jess Menga


As the Destiny 2 Season of Dawn enters its finale with the Empyrean Foundation, Guardians get ready to look to Osiris as a guide for a Bright Future in the new Season of the Worthy, which leaked data mines have, in fact, confirmed. Also found in these data mines is the return of the Trials of Osiris PvP game mode, and you know that thing we’ve been “building,” by grinding, saving, grinding some more, and redistributing our Polarized Fractaline? Surprise surprise, it’s the Lighthouse.

We wrote this guide to help you complete the Bright Future quest, which will bring you one step (and some Fractaline) closer to illuminating the content that will be featured in Season of the Worthy.

Before you begin the Bright Future quest, be sure you’ve completed the following:

  • If you haven’t yet activated the obelisk on The Tower, start here.
  • If you still need to build up your obelisks on The EDZ, Mars, Nessus, and/or The Tangled Shore, you should visit here.
  • Important note: Do not start donating to the Tower Obelisk until you’ve increased the Resonance Power of the other four obelisks to a minimum rank of 11, which is the level they cap out on Fractaline-boosting rewards. Still, the higher you upgrade these, the higher your Tower Obelisk’s Resonance Power (and Polarized Fractaline returns) will be. This guide details the most efficient way to level these up.

Once all of the above prerequisites have been met, you will be able to move on with the Empyrean Foundation event.

Bright Future Quest


Head to The Tower and speak to Saint-14. He will give you the Bright Future quest after explaining that you will have to retrieve the Sundial obelisk core, which is anchored to another timeline. The next quest step will be the Heart of the Sun. 

Heart of the Sun

  • Head to Mercury and load up a Sundial run.
  • At the end of the run, kill the Psion Flayer, Inotam (Oblivion’s Triune), who will drop the Brighten the Core quest step.
  • When you leave the Sundial arena, choose your Timelost rewards from the Sundial obelisk.

Brighten the Core

  • This quest step requires you to collect 30 orbs of Light and can be finished virtually anywhere there are enemies.
  • Equip a Masterwork weapon and head to a location with a steady flow of enemies, such as a strike, a public event, or anywhere you have a quest to complete, especially if it’s a Saint-14 quest which guarantees a Moderate Fractaline Harvest (50 Polarized Fractaline), or a weekly bounty from one of the obelisks which will give you a Major Fractaline Harvest (100 Polarized Fractaline).
  • Once you collect all 30 orbs of Light, you’ll receive the Light-infused core and the Lantern in the Dark quest step.

Lantern in the Dark

  • Return to The Tower.
  • Insert the Light-infused core into The Tower Obelisk, where you will receive a message that describes The Tower Obelisk’s role as a conduit for the other obelisks. Throughout the rest of the event, you can level up the Resonance Power of The Tower Obelisk, which generates “energy for some yet-unknown purpose,” by upgrading the other obelisks’ Resonance Ranks.
    • It seems that the data mines were right all along… this “yet-unknown purpose” hiding under the guise of the Lantern in the Dark quest step could not be more conspicuous. It’s safe to say that the rumors are true.
  • After inserting the Light-infused core, you will receive the Pharos Link quest step.

Pharos Link

  • Head back to Mercury.
  • Report to Osiris at the Sundial with the news of your progress.

After talking with Osiris, return to the Tower and check the Obelisk. You will see a Light-Fused Fractaline that you can purchase for 20,000 Glimmer and 10 Legendary Shards, which you can use to increase the level of an obelisk of your choice by one whole Resonance Rank. The future sure does sound bright for Destiny 2 players.

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