How to Farm Dawning Ingredients in Destiny 2

Killing certain types of enemies and using specific ways will get you ingredients quickly.

by Diego Perez
Image: Bungie

The Dawning event is back in Destiny 2, and as always, players can bake cookies for their favorite characters to earn free rewards. If you want to get all the Dawning rewards this year, you’ll need to stock up on the right ingredients.

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The Dawning doesn’t have a unique event playlist or anything like that, so you’ll be able to farm ingredients just by playing the game normally. Certain recipes call for specific ingredients, though, and some of their names aren’t super helpful in hinting where to find them.

How to Get Destiny 2 Dawning Ingredients

IngredientHow to Obtain
Essence of DawningComplete activities
Vex MilkDefeat Vex
Ether CaneDefeat Fallen
Cabal OilDefeat Cabal
Chitin PowderDefeat Hive
Taken ButterDefeat Taken
Dark Aether CaneDefeat Scorn
Delicious ExplosionDefeat enemies with grenades, grenade launchers, or rocket launchers
Sharp FlavorDefeat enemies with swords
Impossible HeatDefeat enemies with Solar damage
Electric FlavorDefeat enemies with Arc damage
Null TasteDefeat enemies with Void damage
Flash of InspirationGenerate Orbs of Light
Personal TouchDefeat enemies with melee damage
Perfect TasteDefeat enemies with precision damage
Bullet SprayDefeat enemies with auto rifles, submachine guns, or machine guns

How to Farm Dawning Essence

While you can get Dawning Essence by completing any activity in Destiny 2, the fastest way to obtain it is by completing Lost Sectors on Legend difficulty. You’ll get 15 Dawning Essence per run, which is enough to bake a cookie (or more than enough if you have a masterworked oven). You don’t have to run these solo unless you want the Exotic rewards, either, so you can grind with a fireteam of friends to make things easier.

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The Crucible is also a quick way to earn Dawning Essence if you can put up with the frustration of Destiny’s PVP. Completing matches will net you a nice chunk of Dawning Essence. No matter which method you choose, however, make sure to pick up Dawning bounties from Eva Levante in the Tower for additional rewards.

- This article was updated on December 12th, 2023

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