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Destiny 2 Dawning How to Get All Ingredients for Recipes

Killing certain types of enemies and using specific ways will get you ingredients quickly.

by William Schwartz


The Dawning event in Destiny 2 is upon us.  With its arrival comes the chance to get some unique items by completing challenges during the Dawning 2018 holiday event.  One such item is the Dawning Cheer Sparrow, which you can get by cooking recipes and turning them into different characters across the game.

Getting the Dawning Cheer Sparrow will require that you bake cookies and other deserts by collecting ingredients during the Dawning event by doing specific tasks like killing certain enemy types and using specific methods of killing enemies in the game.  You’ll need to head over to Eva Levante to use her holiday oven to bake the items that you’ll then deliver to the different characters in the game.  Eva is located in the Tower and she’ll give you the oven that you need to get started as well some ingredients.  You can then access the oven from your inventory menu.

How to Get Destiny 2 Dawning Ingredients


Common Ingredients

Vex Milk – You can get Vex Milk by killing Vex enemies.

Ether Cane – You can get Ether Cane by killing Fallen enemies.

Cabal Oil – You can get Cabal Oil by killing Cabal enemies.

Chitin Powder – You can get Chitin Powder by killing Hive enemies.

Taken Butter – You can get Taken Butter by killing Taken enemies.

Dark Ether Cane – You can get Dark Ether Cane by killing Scorn enemies.

Rare Ingredients

Delicious Explosion – Kill enemies with Grenades, Grenade Launchers, or Rocket Launchers to get Delicious Explosion.

Sharp Flavor – Kill enemies with swords to get Sharp Flavor.

Impossible Heat – Kill enemies with Solar Damage to get Impossible Heat.

Electric Flavor – Kill enemies with Arc Damage to get Electric Flavor

Null Taste – Kill enemies with Void Damage to get Null Taste.

Flash of Inspiration – Use Abilities to make Orbs of Light to get Flash of Inspiration.

Personal Touch – Kill enemies with Melee attacks to get Personal Touch.

Perfect Taste – Kill enemies with Precision Kills to get Perfect Taste.

Bullet Spray – Kill enemies with Machine Gun kills (Assault Rifle, SMG, LMG)

Essence of Dawning

The Essence of Dawning is the final ingredient for baking any of the different cookies and deserts in Destiny 2 Dawning.  To get Essence of Dawning you simply need to participate in different events in Destiny 2 Dawning.  This includes things like Public Events, Crucible Matches, Gambit, Patrols, Escalation Protocol, Adventures, Strikes, and almost any other event that you can think of.

Once you’ve got your deserts made it’s time to deliver them to the appropriate vendors and characters in the world to collect your rewards.

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