Destiny 2: Bunker E15 Lost Sector Location and How to Beat

Time to find the Legendary Lost Sector in Destiny 2.

by Gordon Bicker
Image of the Perdition Lost Sector.
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Destiny 2 players will be very familiar with trying to hunt out various Legendary Lost Sectors that switch on a daily basis. Whether you are exploring Lightfall’s Neomuma’s Lost Sectors or are simply just on another destination — it is beneficial to know where the daily Lost Sector is. This article will take you through everything you need to know about where to find the Legendary Lost Sector today in Destiny 2.

Where to Find Bunker E15 Lost Sector in Destiny 2

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

In order to start your hunt for the Bunker E15 Lost Sector — visit the Europa destination and head to Eventide Ruins. There is a landing zone next to the Ruins which can be used in order to travel quicker to the Sector itself. It should be noted that you will need the Beyond Light expansion to go on Europa’s patrol mode.

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When you reach the main location of Bunker E15 there will be a side wall with the Lost Sector logo on it. Go through the tunnel and once you have successfully traveled past the threshold; you will activate the Lost Sector. It should be noted that you will need to jump and climb up past the gap in the wall to actually enter.

How to Beat the Bunker E15 Lost Sector in Destiny 2

Bunker E15 is quite a short Lost Sector and you won’t have too much to worry about in terms of overall difficulty. In order to make the journey much easier for you — we recommend bringing Verglas Curve with you if you have it. The stasis formation ability on this bow will eliminate clumped-together Vex much easier. Further, Bunker E15 is very close-quartered so a shotgun will help you out further.

All in all, make sure to bring the best equipment with you on your journey. This will greatly help you proceed through any Lost Sector without too many issues. If you’re looking to give yourself more of a challenge then you could always lower your power level.

- This article was updated on March 10th, 2023