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Destiny 2 – How to Complete Eyes on the Moon

Visit Ikora in the Tower to start this quest and get access to Vex Offensive.

by William Schwartz


If you want to play the Vex Offensive you’ve likely found the big marker for the new content in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep on the Moon.  However, you will be roadblocked from this content that has you battling the Vex in the Black Garden as it says you need to complete Eyes on the Moon.

Head to Ikora’s normal spot in the Tower to get this quest and head back to the moon to complete it

The Eyes on the Moon Quest can be quickly completed by visiting Ikora in the Tower.  She’ll give you this quest which tasks you with going to the moon and then taking out 100 Vex and killing three Gate Lords.  The Vex will spawn randomly on the Moon, but the bigger Gate Lords will only spawn during certain intervals.

The smaller Vex groupings will look like normal Vex spawns, but the Gate Lords will see have a large lighted area with the Vex portal.  Here is where you’ll find the Vex Gate Lords needed to complete Eyes on the Moon.  Once you’ve got the Eyes on the Moon quest it will ask you to visit Eris Morn, but you will also have access to the Vex Offensive game mode in the director with no more block from this quest.


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