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Destiny 2 How to Get Corsair Down Corsair Badge for Truth Quest

Your best bet is to kill Scorn enemies.


One of the activities that you need to do to get Truth rocket launcher is to collect a map fragment which tasks you with completing a Corsair Down mission.  What you’re going to need to do get the Corsair Badge is a multi-step mission.  In this guide we’ll take you step by step through the process of getting the Corsair Badge in Destiny 2.

Kill Scorn enemies and pray to RNG gods for a Corsair Drop

The first step in this process is to find a Corsair Down item.  This item is a transponder that relays a message that details a clue location of a Corsair who is in trouble.  The Corsair Down item is a random drop that can be found by killing Scorn enemy types.  These can be dropped in normal exploration, patrols, or public events.  Depending on which quests you’ve done from Petra Venj, you may have a quest that will drop a Corsair Down badge right away during a quest step.  If not, you’ll just need to kill Scorn enemies until the badge drops.


Follow the Clue and search for the Downed Corsair

Once you get the item you will need to inspect in your Pursuits tab.  There are different versions of this item, which will lead you to different areas in the Dreaming City.  There are some different areas that this will lead you to and it comes down to the back end of the message on the badge:  This can either be Gardens (Gardens of Esila), Bay (Bay of Downed Wishes), Spine and Mist (Spine of Keres), Harbinger (Harbinger’s Seclude), Chamber (Chamber of Starlight), or Aphelion (Aphelion’s Rest).


Return the badge to a Corsair outpost

What you’ll want to do from here is head to the clue on the Corsair Down emblem and find the Corsair.  This Corsair will have fallen, but once you find them a short fight will start.  Kill the enemies who spawn when you interact with the dead Corsair and then take the Corsair Badge to any Corsair outpost to return it.

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