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Destiny 2: How to Get Jotunn Fusion Rifle

Take your radiant frame to the new forge in EDZ.

by William Schwartz


The Jotunn Fusion Rifle is one of the newest and most sought after weapons in Destiny 2.  This powerful Fusion Rifle can only be found in one way, and that is by following specific steps to have it drop at the Bergusia Forge.

The Jotunn Fusion Rifle can only be gotten by using the Bergusia Forge at Niobi Labs.  This can be found south of the Outskirts in the EDZ.  It is a 650 recommended power event so you’ll need to be sufficiently leveled if you want to be able to complete the challenge and beat the waves of enemies and boss.

The Jotunn Fusion Rifle can only be found at Bergusia Forge

There are a couple conditions to getting the Jotunn Fusion Rifle to drop.  The first is that you are using a Radiant Frame in the Bergusia Forge.  The second is that you beat the boss, because this is who is going to drop the Jotunn Fusion Rifle.  It does not drop under the Forge.

Any frame can be completed at the Bergusia Forge, so eventhough the description on the Radiant Frame will say to go to another forge you will want to take it to the Bergusia Forge to complete.  Still completing this will only give you the chance of getting the Jotunn Fusion Rifle to drop.  There will still be some RNG involved in getting the item.

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