Destiny 2 How to Upgrade Chalice of Opulence

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In Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence you are awarded the Chalice of Opulence item after completing some of the Invitation Quest.  You’ll be asked to upgrade this Chalice early on and you can do that by heading into the Pursuits tab in the menu and then hovering over the Chalice icon.  Press the corresponding button to see the details of the chalice and on this screen you will see that there are many ways to upgrade the Chalice of Opulence.

Unlocking Slots and Upgrading Chalice can be done in Pursuits Menu

The Chalice has three Rune Slots.  What items that you receive after completing the Menagerie are tied directly to the Runes that you slot into these spots.  The Top Slot I will determine what type of weapon or armor will drop for you.  Slot II will determine the traits of the weapon or armor. Slot III will determine the Masterwork properties of the item.

Unlocking these slots costs Imperial Currency and will also determine how many Runes are dropped when you complete activities that reward you with Runes.

Unlocking Chalice Perks


Alongside the slots that you can unlock you can also unlock different perks for the chalice.  These perks are broken down into three categories:  Rune Compatibility, Rune Bonus, and Power and Efficiency.

Rune Compatibility Unlocks to earn different types of Runes

Unlocking the Rune Compatibility perks will allow you to get Runes of different colors.  There are purple runes, red runes, green runes, and blue runes.

  • Rune Compatibility I – Red Runes – Guaranteed drops of class-specific arm and leg armor and power weapons.
  • Rune Compatibility II – Green Runes – Guaranteed drops of class-specific head armor, hand cannons, and sidearms.
  • Rune Compatibility III – Blue Runes – Guaranteed drops of class-specific chest armor, fusion rifles and shotguns.

Each of these compatibility unlocks will cost more and more Imperials so make sure you are doing activities that reward you with Imperials if your goal is to upgrade the chalice as quickly as possible.

Rune Bonus Unlocks to get More Runes

Another set of unlockable perks have to do with the number of runes that you’ll find when completing activities that have the chance to drop Runes.  These are the Rune Bonus unlocks and each reward you with a new way to earn Runes.

  • Rune Bonus I – Grants an additional rune from Werner 99-40 bounties and through Runefinder
  • Rune Bonus II – One actively slotted rune is refunded upon looting the final chest in the Menagerie
  • Rune Bonus III – Grants a chance to gain an additional non-powerful reward from the final chest in the Menagerie.

Power and Efficiency Unlocks to get Bonus Rewards

  • Power and Efficiency I – Grants an additional weekly powerful reward from the final chest in the Menagerie and unlocks chest found on the Imperial Barge.
  • Power and Efficiency II – Grants an additional weekly powerful reward from the final chest in the Menagerie.  Playlist activities may also reward Imperials.
  • Power and Efficiency III – Weekly powerful rewards from the Menagerie Chest will now drop a Season of Opulence mod.

All of these unlocks on the Chalice of Opulence must be done in order, but you can mix and match them from different categories.  For example, you must unlock Rune Bonus I before you can unlock Rune Bonus II, but you can unlock Rune Bonus I and Rune Compatibility I if that is the route you would like to go.

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